SYR Oblong Bucket

The SYR Oblong Bucket is one of the best window cleaners buckets around. It's well designed and at a great price. It has a capacity of 9 Ltr and is printed with the logo 'Window Cleaner at Work' on both sides. See 'More Info' below.

Colours: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow

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What does a window cleaners bucket do? It holds the soapy water used for washing windows. Window cleaners buckets are normally longer than normal mop buckets so that the Applicator can be immersed easily within the bucket.

Why this SYR Bucket? This 9L Bucket is designed to hold the most popular Applicator size - 14" 35cm (or smaller). It can be used for larger size Applicators, however they cannot be immersed in one go. This Bucket also has a comfortable handle and has been printed with a warning symbol and caption 'Caution Window Cleaner at Work'.

Features: The curved lip around the top of the Bucket helps the soapy water to run back into the Bucket when the Applicator is wiped to remove excess detergent.

What's it made of? Tough and durable moulded polypropylene. Window Cleaning Stuff stock the full range of colours, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Does this bucket have a lid or tool hangers. No

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