Streamline Ova-8 Pole

The OVA-8 is the latest water fed pole from Streamline. 

When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided - stiffness, a huge “safety” plus. The Oval design will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one window to another, or ‘bouncing off the glass’ motions.

Includes a choice of brush with pencil jets, and a male hoselock fitting. See download for more info.

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Streamline CodeOur CodeSectionsMin LengthMax LengthPole WeightPole TubingPole TypePrice
OV24-24-EWPV50051.830m24' 7.300m1.35kg10mStd£294.00
OV30-24-EWPV50161.865m30' 9.150m1.70kg12mStd£336.00
OV35-30-EWPV50371.900m35' 10.700m2.00kg12mStd£445.00
OV40-30-EWPV50482.110m40' 12.400m2.50kg15mStd£512.00
OV45-30-EWPV50592.150m45' 13.720m2.80kg15mStd£619.00
OV60-40-EWPV506102.270m60' 18.288m3.80kg20mStd£1515.00
OV60-46-EWPV507102.270m60' 18.288m3.80kg20mHigh Mod£2589.00

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