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The Spring V11 digital pump controller is a great bit of kit. It does all the technical stuff you would expect including: Accurate pump flow control, dead end detection and restarting, and battery voltage display.

Choose from the Basic controller or the Split Charger controller using the option box below.

Unit comes with all the necessary wires, parts and wiring diagram.

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What is a pump controller? The Spring Pump Controller provides flow control of 12V DC pumps (like the Shurflo 8000 series), plus useful fault displays that help diagnose problems.

Why A Spring Pump Controller? It is well made with a strong ABS enclosure, it can be used with a variety of pumps, it gives great control over the pump plus a useful diagnostics shown on the clear digital display.

What about cheaper analogue speed controllers? Some controllers simply reduce the voltage supplied to the pump – the lower the voltage the slower the pump. They may rely on the pumps own pressure switch to provide over load (dead end) protection. With constant use these pressure switches can easily burn-out and are not covered by warranty in this type of application). Spring Pump Controllers work in a far more sophisticated way by monitoring the current being drawn by the pump. This enables the controller to provide the necessary power at whatever speed the pump is running, and in the case of a dead end, switch the power off to the pump until the ‘dead end’ (d E or D E) is cleared. The controller will then automatically restart the pump. The Spring Pump Controller with its digital display will also show the operator vital system information, including battery condition.

Tip: Correct installation is vital. The electrical must be done correctly first time. A simple mistake with the positive and negative connections will cause extensive damage to the Controller (normally accompanied by a smell of burning). If you are in doubt about wiring the unit, have it connected by someone who knows what they are doing and can follow the installation instructions. Next calibration. The most common mistake we come across is a failure to calibrate the Controller correctly. With all the electrics and plumbing completed; connect up the system as you would use it, with the hose reel (if you use one), the longest water fed pole and brush. Now calibrate the Controller, following exactly the instructions.

Do I need a Split Relay Charger? There are a lot of advantages to having a split charger (or split relay charger). Using an additional suitable leisure battery (say about 120AH) to power the water fed system, you avoid draining the vehicle battery. The problem is that you will need to charge the leisure battery every night. Having a split charger means that the vehicle alternator will be charging the vehicle battery and the leisure battery when the vehicle is running. In most cases the leisure battery will still require occasional additional nightly charging. Use the Options box to select a controller with or without the split charger (the basic does not have a split charger).

Important note: Spring recommend thatcontrollers with the split charging option are fitted to vehicles with intelligent alternator start/stop systems. With new vehicles you may need to contact your vehicles manufacturer or dealer as fitting an auxiliary electrical split relay charger may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

Tip: Faster isn’t always better. Running the system with the Spring Pump Controller at its highest setting can cause problems, such as back pressure which in turn may produce ‘dead end’ faults. Try running the system at a lower speed.

Technical Stuff: Supply Voltage: 11 - 14 VDC

Maximum Current: 10A

Typical Drive Current: 4-5A

Voltmeter Accuracy: +- 100mV

Enclosure Material: ABS

Water Resistance: IP65

Dimensions:115 x 65 x 40(mm)

Working Temperature: 0 to 40 Degree C

Spring Controller Split Charger

Spring Pump Controller V11 with Split Relay Charger

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Spring Controller Basic

Spring Pump Controller V11 Basic

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