Streamline Streamflo Pump


Streamline Streamflo Pump is a high quality self priming diaphragm pump that can run dry for short periods of time without damage.

This pump only draws up to 4 amps so batteries will last longer compared to other pumps that require 7 amps or more.

Max Pressure: 100psi

Open Flow: 4.5LPM

Voltage: 12V DC

Streamline Code: SF-DP22-012-100-238

Port Size: 3/8" NPT Female

Weight: 1138g

Suitable for one operator use.

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Important Warranty Information.

Streamflo pumps come with limited warranty. This means that there is no warranty cover for damage to pumps from freezing, water ingress or from the ingress of contamination by resin or other debris. Also the pressure switch is not rated for work with water fed systems so this is not covered under the warranty if it fails, even within a very short period of time. To prolong the life of your pump and avoid repair bills, we suggest the following:

  • Do not let your pump freeze.

  • Provide suitable inlet filtration and prevent resin/debris from flowing back into the pump when changing resin.

  • Protect the pumps electrics and outer casing from water.
  • Use a pump flow controller (Varistream or Spring controller) this will protect the pumps pressure switch and give you more control over the flow.

If you are having problems with a Streamflo pump we are happy to provide help in fixing it.