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Introducing STREAMLINE® SoftClean Roof and Render Cleaning Equipment. Increase your services portfolio with STREAMLINE® SoftClean equipment, designed for roof and render cleaning. STREAMLINE® has joined forces with AlgoClear SoftClean to bring you packages for the treatment of roofs, walls and general amenity areas.

THE PRODUCT AlgoClear Pro, is a high purity quaternary ammonium biocidal detergent designed to decontaminate biological growth on external hard surfaces. See More INFO below.


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AlgoClear Pro is registered with the British Health & Safety Executive and the Irish Pesticide Control Service. It is water soluble and does not smell or leave smears. It breaks down in contact with biomass. The environmental footprint remains local, and limited in time. It is harmless to animals, unless ingested.

AlgoClear Pro can be used for; • Stone cleaning • Render cleaning • Roof tile cleaning • Tarmac, concrete, sports surfaces, etc. • Timber cleaning • Glass and uPVC cleaning • Poly tunnel cleaning

It is fast acting, breaks contamination reproductive cycles and acts on 99.9% of microbial life leaving no durable environmental footprint. Applications to most surfaces simply requires a spray with no scrubbing or rinsing required. The procedure can be adapted to the type of contamination.

DESCRIPTION (PLEASE NOTE: AlgoClear Pro is not included with Kits)

SW-SF016 (Our Code JMS009)

Streamflo-16 Powerpack, with 36” lance and angled nozzle

SW-T050-PHC-H (Our Code JMS010)

50Ltr Honda powered Softwash Trolley with Chemical Resistant Pump and Hose Reel, 36” lance and angled nozzle

SW-B120-PHC-H (Our Code JMS011)

120Ltr Honda powered Softwash Barrow with Chemical Resistant Pump and Hose Reel, 36” lance and angled nozzle

SW-SL050-0900 (Our Code JXS06)

Softwash 36inch Lance with Angled Head and Fanjet

SW-HW050-06 Our Code JXS07)

Softwash 6inch Angled Adapter Nozzle with Fanjet


THE EQUIPMENT STREAMLINE® SoftClean equipment is designed to easily apply AlgoClear Pro liberally and each kit includes a 36” lance for ground and low level applications and an angled adapter nozzle attachment to fit onto a STREAMLINE® waterfed pole for high level applications. Poles can be purchased separately depending on height to be achieved.

COVERAGE Coverage varies with the porosity and texture of the surface to be treated. It also varies with the concentration.


Ground 200m2 per litre

Render 40m2 per litre

Timber 60m2 per litre

Glass & Plastics up to 300m2 per litre

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