Streamline Streamflo Trolley System 25Ltr

Streamline StreamFlo Trolley provides pure water on demand. Collapsible strong powder coated frame. Complete with gel battery, intelligent charger, TDS meter and digital controller. 100psi diaphragm pump.


BB10 DI Filter suitable for Reverse Osmosis treated water (shown)

6x18 DI Filter suitable for tap water


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Are you thinking about starting in waterfed cleaning? Or considering an addition to your Van system so as not to worry about where you park?

This trolley system is for you, compact adaptable and perfect for your needs.

Choosing the Resin Vessel.

The BB10 DI Filter has a limited capacity and is suitable for a cleaner who already produces pure water using a Reverse Osmosis system. The replacement cartridge WTS017 contain MB111 Resin. (Resin capacity to filter up to 640 ltrs of pure water at starting TDS of 100ppm

The 6x18 DI Filter is suitable for cleaners who want to use tap water. Resin capacity to filter up to 2000 litres of pure water at a starting TDS of 100ppm. The DI Filter can be refilled with loose resin.


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