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  • AlgoClear

    AlgoClear® is a brand leader in Soft Washing technology. Soft washing can produce amazing results when cleaning render, stone, roofs, timber, solar panels and many other surfaces. Their product range includes, AlgoClear Pro, a high purity biocide and the preferred choice of professionals who want rapid eradication of surface biofilms. Some other applications for AlgoClear Pro include treating tennis courts and thatched roofs.

    Also MetaClear, another product within their range is a alkali gel for rapid removal of metabolites and deep discolouration. Other products include OxiClear for removing rust marks.

    Window Cleaning Stuff are a stockist for AlgoClear and offer quick delivery and great prices.


  • Chemspec

    Chemspec cleaning products are designed for professional cleaners. Chemspec have been a market leader of carpet cleaning products for more than 40 years. Many of the products draw on the success of Chemspec in America where Chemspec is the biggest name in carpet cleaning.

    Chemspec manufacture detergents for carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning using spray-extraction machines. They also manufacture a range of carpet cleaning shampoos and encapsulation products for cleaners using rotary machines. Leather furniture can also be cleaned with Chemspec Leather Cleaner.

    There is also a smaller selection of multi-surface cleaners and treatments.

    In recent years Chemspec have introduced a successful range of environmentally friendly products for carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning.

    Window Cleaning Stuff stock a wide range of Chemspec products, many we sell on line but even more are available from our Edinburgh shop.

    One of our most popular Chemspec products is Enz-All.


    Chemspec Enz-All contains powerful enzymes designed to loosen and dissolve the toughest grease, oils, and protein soils and stains. Enz-All is the performance leader in removing protein and greasy soils as well as blood, food, coffee and urine stains. Superior results in homes, food service areas and health care environments.

  • Ettore

    Ettore Window Cleaning Tool. Often imitated, Ettore Steccone’s original design has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1936. We still stock and sell an Ettore squeegee handle that is remarkably close in design to the original Brass handle. His secret was, and is, in the rubber. With the same secrecy and security afforded soft drink formulas, the ingredients formulation of Ettore rubber is carefully guarded. For this is the essential heart of the system, a razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak free. Many of our customers are willing to spend a little more in order to enjoy the benefits that Ettore's soft squeegee rubber offers.

    Since then Ettore have developed a wide range of top quality window cleaning tools for the professional window cleaner.

    Another top performing product is the Ettore Golden Glove applicator sleeve. In our own comparison tests between applicator sleeves from a number of leading manufacturers, the Golden Glove had the highest water retention value.

    Window Cleaning Stuff stock the full range of Ettore products.

  • Ex-Ceed Innovation

    Ex-Ceed Innovation have designed, tested and produced a very good pole switch called the Uni-Valve. It is simple to install and easy to use. If you use pure water and a water fed pole system to clean windows then there are number of advantages in using a Uni-Valve. Probably the reason most choose to use a uni-Valve is that it saves money - making pure water costs money! Other reasons include: it is maintenance free, it is light in weight, cheap to buy.. the list goes on. 


    Other product designs include the only hose connector designed for window cleaners wanting to a connect water fed pole hose (5mm bore) to the feed hose (6mm or 8mm bore). A good reason to be happy: no more rusty Rectus 21 fittings! The new improved Slick 2 Connector offers easy connection and dis-connection of hose, and is now available to order. 

    Window Cleaning Stuff offer great prices on Ex-Ceed Innovation products plus fast delivery to mainland UK addresses.

  • HART Total Cleaning

    Hart Total Cleaning have been in the cleaning business since 1978. Over the last 40 years they have built up their own range of tried and tested chemicals. Their range of products include floor and hard surface cleaning chemicals such as Powerplus, Multi-Task, Citrus Power and Clean 'N Glo. The very good oven cleaner Decarb, the graffiti remover Graffitex and popular smear free Stainless Steel cleaner 'Bright'. Plus many more products for cleaning shops, offices or your home.

    Window Cleaning Stuff are the Edinburgh stockist for Hart Total Cleaning products and can provide quick delivery on their range of products.

  • IPC Pulex

    IPC Pulex are well known in the window cleaning industry for top quality products. Started in Italy in 1963, Pulex is now part of IPC, a global company involved in the cleaning industry.


    Pulex continue to produce some great traditional window cleaning tools such as the Technolite range of window squeegees and applicators. This range looks good, is easy to use and does a good job in cleaning.

    Their biggest success (in our opinion) has been the Pulex squeegee rubber, available as either a soft compound rubber or a hard compound rubber, (also known as regular). This rubber is still one of the best available to traditional window cleaners today. It is easy to use, produces good results yet is not expensive.

    Window Cleaning Stuff sell a good range of Pulex products for traditional window cleaners, all at brilliant prices and with fast delivery.

  • Jigsaw Innovations

    Jigsaw Innovations know a bit about water fed, pure water window cleaning, how? Because Jigsaw Innovations was founded by window cleaners. David (seen below) has been cleaning windows for over 15 years. That experience has resulted in a range of products that other window cleaners enjoy using.

    David in action

    The popular Vision 2 is one of our best sellers as an additive to pure water window cleaning systems. We often find that customers who try it, will just keep buying it because of the improved cleaning results.

    We have just added Enigma as a new additive for pure water window cleaning systems.

    Window Cleaning Stuff stock a number of Jigsaw Innovations products.

  • Laddermat

    Laddermat offer a small range of ladder safety and ladder accessory products. With almost 20 years experience, Laddermat products have played an important role in making ladder use safer and more convenient.
    At Window Cleaning Stuff we stock 3 of their best products: the award winning Laddermat anti-slip ladder leveller, the practical Ladder Pads surface protectors and the popular replacement feet Trim 2 Fit.

    Taking a closer look at one of our favourite Laddermat products; Ladder Pads:

    Ladder Pads are a great idea. Each set consists of a pair of heavy duty non-marking ladder covers. Ladder Pads are made from a heavy duty non marking material and prevent surface damage to walls, cladding and render. They also help to reduce the ladder slipping, so improve safety. Ladder Pads are ideal for all trades including, painters and decorators, shop fitters, window cleaners and window installers. They are easy to fit and now come in a smart box that includes instructions.

    Ladder Pads

    We offer great prices and fast mainland delivery on these products.

  • Lyte Ladders

    Helping us climb to greater heights since 1947, Lyte Ladders & Towers has developed an excellent reputation for manufacturing and supplying a large range of high quality domestic, trade and industrial ladders and towers.

    Lyte Ladders

    As legislation and standards have changed, Lyte have kept their ladders up to date. The result is that Lyte ladders are among the safest ladders you can choose. Another important point to remember about Lyte ladders is that they are not heavy (like some), rather they are light in weight and easy to transport and use. Also, the rung design is a far kinder on your feet than many other ladder rungs due to the shape and width of the rungs, something you will appreciate if you are stood on the ladder for any length of time.

    Window Cleaning Stuff offers some great deals on a popular range of Aluminium Lyte ladders. The ELT range, both double and triple ladders are our most popular Aluminium ladders. Delivery is usually direct from Lyte.

  • Moerman

    When did Moerman get involved in cleaning? 1885! This must make Moerman one of the most experienced cleaning companies around. What did they do with all that knowledge? Well, in 2012 they introduced their own range of professional traditional window cleaning tools.

    It's fair to say that since then they have built up a huge following in the window cleaning industry. Their original approach has lead to some initiative designs for 'old' favourites such as the simply window cleaners squeegee. Moerman looked at what window cleaners wanted (doing a good job and doing it quicker). This has lead to the fast and easy to use Excelerator squeegee handle and the time saving Liquidator squeegee channel. We could waffle on about all the ways you can use the Excelerator handle to do jobs quicker. But apart from all that, we must say, of all the squeegee handles available, the Excelerator handle is simply a beautiful piece of design. A work of art. 

    Moerman Excelerator Handle

    What's next? We don't know what the boffins at Moerman are working on, but we do know they will be working to design ever better products, have them thoroughly tested by window cleaners in various countries before launching them on traditional window cleaning market.

    At Window Cleaning Stuff we stock all the latest Moerman products which we sell at very good prices, offering quick mainland UK delivery.

  • Numatic International Ltd

    Numatic International, are an international success! The iconic Henry vacuum cleaner can be recognised around the world. Everyone loves that happy face and those cheeky eyes.

    But it's not just the famous Henry that leaves their huge factory, some 700 staff work hard to get 4000 vacuum cleaners, rotary floor scrubbers and many other products out the door every day! Some of them find there way to our shop in Edinburgh.

    Numatic Range

    This is a good indication that Numatic machines are known to do a good job. Some customers have used a Numatic vacuum cleaner for years. In recent years Numatic have worked hard to make their products more energy efficient. The result, customers now save money, and the environment benefits as well. 

    At Window Cleaning Stuff we stock a selection of Numatic machines and accessories. We usually have more machines in stock than appear on our website. So why not visit our shop in Edinburgh and grab a bargain.

    For those living outside Edinburgh we can offer fast delivery to mainland UK addresses.

  • PacVac

    Pacvac vacuum cleaners have been around for over 40-years. The company began operations in Perth, Western Australia in 1978. They have some clever guys who have been designing a great range of high performance vacuum cleaners. Today, they can found in use all over the world and are sought after as the leading brand for backpack vacuum cleaners.

    Window Cleaning Stuff stock a good range of their vacuum cleaners and spares.

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items