Unger HydroPower RO Filter RO40C


When it comes to designing ground breaking solutions for safe and efficient cleaning, Unger is always at the forefront of innovation. Meet our latest development – the HydroPower RO pure water Filter.

This compact yet powerful mobile filter is super simple to maintain with fast and easy change of key components - without any tools

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The Unger HydroPower RO utilizes 3 stage water purification system .
First, Carbon-Pre-filter captures chlorine and sediments from the incoming water, then the water is directed towards 2 RO membranes which remove up to 98% of dissolved minerals and contaminants.
At this point, the water flow is split into waste water (concentrate) that requires drainage facility and pure water which is directed to DI Polisher where any remaining impurities are filtered by ion exchange resin to produce 100 % pure water.

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