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The year is 1954, Scot Young had started a window and floor cleaning business in Toronto, Canada. Returning to the UK Scot, continued his successful cleaning business by opening his first offices in Glasgow his home town, Manchester and later London.

In 1957 Scot Young changed the way windows were cleaned in Britain by using and later selling the window cleaning squeegee. With a lot of hard work Scot started to develop cleaning products that are now manufactured in the UK, the USA and China – and used all over the world.

Window Cleaning Stuff supplies a wide range of SYR products from window cleaning products to mopping systems. The SYR Interchange system allows a variety of mops and floor tools to be quickly changed using the same Interchange Handle.

One of the best window cleaning detergents is SYR Glimmer Clean, available in a economical 5L plastic bottle.

SYR Glimmer Clean is one our most popular detergents for traditional window cleaners. It is designed to be both an anti-static detergent and effective at removing soilage and grease. It is used to wash the window or glass before being removed with a squeegee. It is easy to use - just add to water! It is also economical, with a dilution rate of 50 to 1 for normal cleaning.

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    The SYR Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee fits the SYR Interchange handle (not included). With a strong metal frame and 4mm thick rubber blade it is ideal for a difficult jobs. SYR Code: 940951 Size: 60cm 24"

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    The economical solution to capturing and defeating floor surface dust. Complete with sweeper Sleeve, universal socket and aluminium handle. Sleeves can be machine washed. Spare Sleeves can be purchased separately Use with Polysweep Sleeve JXS02 and JXS03 Size 60cm 24" Sleeve: Red

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    The Rapid mop from SYR is a low cost bucketless flat mopping system. Designed for cleaning lightly soiled areas. The cleaning detergent is stored within the pole handle. A thumb operated button on top of the handle pumps cleaning solution out of jets just above the pad holder. Pads are held in place by Velcro making them simple to replace. Pads are...

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Showing 25 - 27 of 27 items