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SYR window and janitorial cleaning equipment

In 1955 Scot Young was in business cleaning windows and floors, now his Products are manufactured in the UK, the USA and  China.
It all began when Scot Young emigrated to Canada in 1954 and started a Window Cleaning Company in Toronto. After returning to the UK Scot opened a branch of his business in Glasgow Scotland, his home town. As the range of products grew, so did the reputation of the company with a variety of window cleaning and floor care products being developed and sold.

Window Cleaning Stuff supplies a wide range of SYR products.

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    The SYR Grout Brush (SYR Code 930068) has a swivel head with stiff angled nylon bristles and is designed for cleaning between tiles and around edges of floors. Fits the SYR Interchange pole (our code MPS02). Size: 23cm Coulour: Black stock with blue bristles

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    The SYR swivel Deck Brush is super tough and designed for scrubbing and removing ground in dirt and grime. For use on hard floor surfaces. Compact design ideal for confined spaces, width 24cm. Tough long life nylon bristles. Fits SYR Interchange handle (our code MPS02) Colour: Black stock with blue bristles SYR 920035

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    The SYR 'Bulldog' mop bucket is a robust and well designed product. It has a capacity of 6 litre. With Portion Control. Colour: Blue

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    SYR Glimmer Clean is one our most popular detergents. It is designed to be both an anti-static detergent and effective at removing soilage and grease. Size: 5L VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    SYR Pad holder with swivel head. Ideal for everyday cleaning. Fits SYR Interchange poles. Designed for use with a choice of pads: Black for stripping Code JXS04 Red for buffing Code JXS05 Pads not included.

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  • £12.16 In Stock

    SYR Blades Triumph Scraper x 25 per pack, Stainless Steel. (SYR Code 800163) For use with SYR Triumph Scraper, our Code SGS01 Size:  6" (15cm) VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    The SYR Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee fits the SYR Interchange handle (not included). With a strong metal frame and 4mm thick rubber blade it is ideal for a difficult jobs. Size: 60cm 24"

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    The economical solution to capturing and defeating floor surface dust. Complete with sweeper Sleeve, universal socket and aluminium handle. Sleeves can be machine washed. Spare Sleeves can be purchased separately Use with Polysweep Sleeve JXS02 and JXS03 Size 60cm 24" Sleeve: Red

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Showing 25 - 32 of 32 items