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IPC Pulex are well known in the window cleaning industry for top quality products. Started in Italy in 1963, Pulex is now part of IPC, a global company involved in the cleaning industry.


Pulex continue to produce some great traditional window cleaning tools such as the Technolite range of window squeegees and applicators. This range looks good, is easy to use and does a good job in cleaning.

Their biggest success (in our opinion) has been the Pulex squeegee rubber, available as either a soft compound rubber or a hard compound rubber, (also known as regular). This rubber is still one of the best available to traditional window cleaners today. It is easy to use, produces good results yet is not expensive.

Window Cleaning Stuff sell a good range of Pulex products for traditional window cleaners, all at brilliant prices and with fast delivery.

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    Blades for 10cm 4" for Unger Floor and Window Scraper SH000 (Code SFU01) and Unger Maxi Scraper STMAX (Code SGU04). Blades have sharp and blunt edges. Pack Size: 10 blades.

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    The world famous Pulex Rubber is one of the most popular rubbers you can buy. Available in both Soft and Hard compounds. Easy to cut to length. Genuine top quality Pulex rubber. Size: 92cm 36” VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Pulex Technolite Stainless Steel channel & Pulex soft rubber. Will fit the Pulex Technolite Handle (HSP01), also Unger and Moerman Stainless Steel Handles. Size: 14" 35cm

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    Pulex T Bar Technolite Plastic. Modern and ergonomic design. Size: 14" 35cm. New Colour: Black and Green.Non-slip rubber handle Ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit Hole for the safety strap  VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    The Pulex MicroTiger range of applicator Sleeves are great for fast dirt removal. The red stripes are made of a light abrasive material that gives the sleeve great cleaning power. The white stripes are microfiber and hold water well. Fits standard T Bars. Sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm & 18" 45cm Water Retention Value: 414 Colour Red/White, with velcro...

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    A modern and ergonomic design of handle. Handle is made of plastic and stainless steel. Will fit most poles. Please note: Channel not included.Ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle Hole for the safety strap Will fit notched stainless steel channels from Pulex, Moerman and UngerHandle colour: Green/Black

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    Pulex Cobweb Brush can be used by hand, it also fits most telescopic poles. The long fibres are great for bushing dust and removing cobwebs. Code: SC0V70008 Colour: Grey

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    A modern and ergonomic design. Handle is made of plastic and stainless steel. The channel is made of stainless steel and comes complete with a Pulex rubber. Will fit most poles.Non-slip rubber handle Ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit their preference Hole for the safety strapHandle colour: Green/Grey or Red/Grey...

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    Metal Universal Fixi Clamp Attachment for traditional poles. Can be used to hold a variety of things including cloths, brushes and sponges. Shown on pole, not included.

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