T Bars, Sleeves and Complete Applicators from Unger, Ettore, Pulex, WCS and Moerman
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    A great value sleeve from Window Cleaning Stuff in 8" 20cm, 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm. Stud fastening. Water Retention Value: 346 Colour: White VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Pulex T Bar 8" 20cm with Aluminium bar and plastic handle. Great for smaller window panes.

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    Click & Scrub pad for extra scrubbing power. Fits easily onto Moerman T-bars. Fit before putting the sleeve onto the T-bar. (T Bar not included)

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    Moerman Combinator T Bar 14" 35cm - compatible with the Moerman Combinator handle only. Use this product to build your own combinator!

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    The Unger UniTec T Bar is made from lightweight plastic making it easier handle. The water wells increase water retention. It  will fit Unger telescopic poles. See 'More Info' below. Available in 3 sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Green

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    Pulex T Bar Technolite Plastic. Modern and ergonomic design. Size: 14" 35cm. Colour: Black and Red. Non-slip rubber handle Ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit Hole for the safety strap   VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Ettore ProGrip exclusive design features a longer ergonomic handle with rubberised grip for maximum use and comfort. See 'More Info' below. Ettore Pro Grip T Bar in 3 Sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm. Colour: Dark Grey. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Unger ALU T Bar. A lightweight aluminium T-bar. Aluminium bar and plastic handle with finger grooves for secure grip. Fits on Unger telescopic poles. Available in 5 sizes: 6" 15cm, 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm, 18" 45cm and 22" 55cm Colour: Green/silver See 'More Info' below:

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    The Unger ErgoTec T Bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip, as well as water flow to the sleeve. Will lock into place when using the Opti Loc Pole System with ErgoTec Safety Cone. See 'More Info' below. Available in 3 sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Green

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    The Pulex MicroTiger range of Sleeves are great for fast dirt removal. The red stripes are made of a light abrasive material that gives the sleeve great cleaning power. The white stripes are microfiber and hold water well. Fits standard T Bars. Sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm & 18" 45cm Water Retention Value: 414 Colour Red/White, with velcro fastening and...

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    The Unger Monsoon sleeve is manufactured from a heavy-duty fabric which holds 20% more water than standard sleeves. The abrasive scrubbing pad on one end provides extra scrubbing power to remove bird droppings and baked-on grit and grime. Velcro fastening. Water Retention Value score: 353 Machine washable up to 500 times. Colour: Green/white See 'More...

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    The durable ErgoTec® Ninja Washer T-Bar is made of strong yet lightweight hard anodised aluminium. Its purposefuldesign delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders. Key features: - 180˚ Swivel Control with adjustable tension - perfect for pole work. - Non slip handle texture for excellent grip. - Compatible with...

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