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Chemspec professional cleaning products.
With over 40 years of experience, Chemspec Europe is the market leader in the provision of Professional Cleaning Products, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Cleaning Training Courses and Carpet Cleaning Technical Advice & Aftercare to the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Industries. We offer the largest range of carpet and upholstery cleaning products in the world and stock hundreds of other specialist cleaning products for a wide variety of applications and environments including Fire Damage and Flood Restoration Cleaning Products, Spot and Stain Removal Products, Chemical Free Cleaning Products, Fabric Cleaning Products, Hard Floor Cleaning Products, Wood Floor Cleaning Products, Deodorisation Products, Carpet Cleaning Products and Natural Green Cleaning Products.
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    Water based spot remover fortified with Biosolv, effective on oil and water based stains such as blood, soft drinks, light grease, oil, tar, coffee, tea, copier toner, spills, dirt, grime and more. Formulated after 26 years of research and development to be a highly effective multi fibre carpet spotter. Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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    Red X It is a highly effective synthetic dye stain remover. Excellent stain remover for synthetic dyes found in flavoured drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks, and more. Not recommended for use on natural fibres. pH 5-6 See 'More Info; below

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    Chemspec Stain Exit is a powerful stain removal chemical. Stain Exit offers easy and highly effective removal of organic stains from wine, fruit juices, tea, coffee and more without the need for heat. Stain Exit - your go-to organic stain remover! pH 3 - 4 Bottle colour may be white or blue Please see 'More Info' below

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    Helps replace natural oils leather loses with age and prolongs the leather's natural beauty. Simple one-step formula for cleaning and conditioning leather upholstery and trim. Cleans, shines, protect and helps to extend the life of leather. Keeps leather clean, soft and supple without any oily residue. Safe on most finished leather and vinyl surfaces RTU...

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    P.O.G is formulated to safely remove paint, oil, grease, tar, shoe polish, ballpoint pen, marker ink, nail polish, oxidised oil and more. It can be highly effective in removing normally troublesome spots such as grease, paint, carbon and other oily based spots. Use on carpet, upholstery and other textile surfaces. Size 946ml See 'More Info' below

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    Effectively removes grease, tar, ink, glue, gum, adhesives, oils and other solvent-based substances. Non-toxic RTU formulation, and gel consistency improves dwell-time for maximum effectiveness. See 'More Info' below.

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    Chemspec Ink Exit. Simple to use water-based ink removal technology takes out ink stains from carpets and rugs. No VOCs. Will not affect carpet backing & simple water rinse. Also works on permanent marker, grease and oil stains. RTU pH: 5.22 See 'More Info' below

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    Gentle but effective ‘Woolsafe’ approved traffic lane cleaner designed for those heavy traffic areas. Suitable for all wet cleanable carpet fibres. For use with One Clean Powder or Liquid detergent. pH: 9.0 - 10.0 Bottle colour may be blue or whiteFragrance: Citrus

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    Chemspec Fast Drying Upholsery Shampoo is a high foaming anionic upholstery shampoo. It has been designed for use by hand methods or use in a foam generating machine. Formulated with special quick drying agents to decrease drying time. pH: 7.0 - 8.0 Size: 3.78L Bottle colour may be blue or white

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    The worlds best selling carpet cleaning detergent. Economical powder for truck and portable spray extraction machines. Low foam. Size: 2.72kg pH 10 - 11 See 'More Info' below

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    Chemspec Formula 429 is a water based anti-microbial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and residual control.

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    Chemspec Powdered OneClean detergent is suitable for all stain-resistant and non stain-resistant carpets, including wool. Can be used in portable and truck mounted machines. pH at use 8-9. See 'More Info' below

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