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Moerman professional window cleaning tools.
Moerman have been involved in cleaning since 1885. In 2012 introduced a range of professional window cleaning tools. Window Cleaning Stuff provide a wide range of Moerman products.
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    Moerman Dura-Flex soft rubber, for use with the Liquidator Channels. Used with the Liquidator Channel, this rubber helps you clean right up to the edge and in corners - no need to use a cloth! (Channel not included)

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    The Combinator 2.0 T-bar is part of the complete EASE system of the Combinator 2.0, the water surfaces ensure an even distribution of the water on the Combinator 2.0 sleeve. Use the Combinator 2.0 grip and Combinator 2.0 sleeve for this system, together with the Liquidator 2.0 channel this forms the Combinator 2.0. Available in 25 cm - 35 cm - 45 cm.

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    Moerman Dura-Flex Squeegee Rubber is highly durable for long life. Available in both Soft and Hard compounds. Easy to cut to length. Fits Moerman, Unger, Pulex, SYR and Ettore Channels. Size: 105cm 42”

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    Click & Scrub pad for extra scrubbing power. Fits easily onto Moerman T-bars. Fit before putting the sleeve onto the T-bar. (T Bar not included)

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    Created with a non-slip, bi-component ergonomic grip for comfort and safety. Fits telescopic poles. Sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Blue/grey

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  • £6.98 In Stock

    Moerman Silver SleeveMicrofiber sleeve Perfect cleaning power High water retention Machine washable Lint free Excellent dirt pick up Scrubbing pad - extra cleaning power with hook & loop fastenerWater Retention Value: 306    

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    The Moerman Liquidator Channel 2.0 helps you clean right up to the edge of the window and in to the corners - no need to use a scrim! Now with improved end clips. Sizes: 10" 25cm, 12" 30cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm See below:

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    Moerman high performance microfiber applicator Sleeve. Sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Lint free, high water retention microfiber and is machine washable. Velcro fastening. Abrasive pad on one end. Water Retention Value: 388

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  • £10.60 In Stock

    The high quality Combinator microfibre sleeve is a turquoise cover made of polyester, the cover with superior cleaning power that only fits the corresponding Combinator T-bar and that together form the unique EASE system Combinator. Available in 25 - 35 - 45 cm.

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    Fits Liquidator 2.0 & 1.0 Channels (Handle and Channel not included)100% high quality microfiber Fibre length: 16mm Extra padding ensures high water retention Washable at 60° High tear and wear resistance

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  • £16.71 In Stock

    Moerman Telescopic Extension Poles are strong and lightweight. •Tapered Cone with Acme thread. Fits Moerman squeegees, applicators, dusters and scrapers. •Secure locking mechanism • Ergonomic, soft-touch handle with anti-slip material that gives secure grip, even when wet.

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  • £31.40 In Stock

    Moerman engineers are driven to perfection by building the highest performance window cleaning tools. We are proud to introduce the Combinator 2.0, one of the flagships of the entire Moerman range.

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