Floor and Hard Surface Cleaners
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    The Pelican Pump is used to connect to a 5Ltr container by way of screw fitting, this fits neetly in to the 5Ltr container allowing concentrated liquids to be dispensed for dilution. The pelican pump dispenses roughly 30ml per push

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    E-ZEE WOOD FLOOR CLEANER has been specifically designed to make the cleaning of wood floors quick and simple. Ideal for use on all types of wood and laminate floors, including pre-finished flooring systems. Also suitable for use on most types of hard floor surfaces, including vinyl. Please note: EZee Wood Floor Cleaner should not be used on hardwaxed or...

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    Hart Powerplus is a powerful and versatile alkaline cleaner/degreaser concentrate which quickly dissolves the toughest grime to leave a spotless finish. Biodegradable and Phosphate free. Size 5L See more info below.

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    Hart Clean 'N' Glo cleans and disinfects all hard surfaces safely. Use it on floors paintwork and walls. Great for toilets and bathrooms. Dilute up to 50:1. Apply with spray, cloth, mop or scrubbing machine.Neutral Cleaner & Disinfectant Low foam for easy rinsing Streak-free finish Size 5L Ideal for daily use on floors, washrooms and water washable...

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    Prochem Urine Neutralizer is a acidic deodorant for neutralising and deodorising urine by direct application and prevents staining. Neutralises odour from urine deposits on contact and prevents staining. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Hart Citrus Power is a high performance cleaner with a pleasant aroma. It can be used in a variety of applications. It is excellent for cleaning Safety Floors, Rubber Mark Removal and Severe Degreasing. Size 5L

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    Unger disposable Sleeve for StarDuster ProFlat 75 and ProFlex 75. Pack of 50 disposable sleeves. See our code PXU01 for the ProFlat StarDuster and PXU04 for the ProFlex StarDuster

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    Prochem Ultrapac Renovate. Solvent Free Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner Special prespray product for the removal of dry soot carbon fire residues filtration soils and draught marks on carpets fabrics and other surfaces. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Microsan is a EC registered anti-microbial multi-surface sanitiser and cleaner effective against bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B, Birdflu, Swine flu and HIV), fungi,algae and mildrew. Approved to EN1276. Amber liquid with new floral citrus fragrance. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:  

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    Granwax SPORTSCLEAN is a specially formulated cleaning product designed to remove all types of sports hall soiling quickly and effectively, without the need for rinsing or neutralising.  Sportsclean is ideal for use on wood, Granwood and Gransprung floors, as well as many other types of sports and general purpose flooring.

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    Prochem Powerclean is  a concentrated alkaline cleaner designed for many different types of cleaning jobs, ranging from the cleaning of small appliances to removal of grease from floors. Powerclean is suitable for cleaning concrete, linoleum, ceramic tiles, painted walls and vinyl surfaces. Size: 5L See 'More info' below

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    Unger microfibre Sleeve for StarDuster ProFlat 75 and ProFlex 75. Pack of 5 machine washable microfibre Sleeves. See our code PXU01 for the ProFlat StarDuster and PXU04 for the ProFlex StarDuster

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