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Unger manufacture a wide range of professional window cleaning tools for window cleaners involved in traditional window cleaning and water fed (pure water) window cleaning. You will have seen the Unger corporate 'green' window cleaning tools in the hands of traditional window cleaners everywhere you go. And there is a good reason for that!

Unger have built up a reputation for high quality and reliability. They combine this with imaginative innovation, with a steady stream of new designs and improvements to existing products coming to the market every year.

The newly improved Hydropower unit is a good example Unger's policy of continuous development. For example, It is more robust with improved connections. Also it is more efficient than the original design due to the way water is distributed through the resin.


Having said that some products don't need to change, because they are already so good. Thinking about two of Unger's long time winners. The green and white applicator sleeve, the Monsoon is our best selling sleeve. The other product is Unger's Premium squeegee rubber. In recent years we saw sales of this rubber fall with other rubber becoming popular. However, we are pleased to see many traditional window cleaners returning to Unger's premium black rubber.

At Window Cleaning Stuff we supply the full range of Unger products at very competitive prices. Most can be delivered with a next day service to customers with a UK mainland address.

A bit of history: Unger was started small. In 1964 Henry and Barbara Unger began to put their ideas into production, in the attic of the home of Barbara's grandmother in Hamburg, Germany.

While the original intent was to manufacture window cleaning products, the company soon expanded its product line.

From that small beginning Unger has grown to become a global player in the cleaning industry. Their goal has remained the same as when it all started: To produce high quality, innovative tools that help professionals clean more productively and safely.

Unger Brothers

Today, Unger is an international company, it has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Germany. Unger products are now available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Window Cleaning Stuff is an approved Unger stockist that specialises in window cleaning products.

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    Abrasive scrub pad for removing stubborn dirt, ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Reliability sticks to pad holder PHH20 Size: 20cm  

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    Replacement Inner Collar for Unger TelePlus poles. Keep the Outer Collar that came with your pole and just replace the Inner Collar, see below for more details. Collars are sold individually. Colour: Green  

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    Unger Ninja bucket on a belt channel protector. This little rubber insert will protect your channels, preventing the rubber from wearing out when placing it on the bucket slot. Simply put the insert on the wall between the squeegee slots, it is very easy and it only goes one way. With this you'll notice the rubber in your squeegees wears out a lot less!...

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    Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner 150ml. Ready-to-use, easily replaceable refills for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, pre-filled with high quality 3M Scotchgard™ professional glass cleaner. Unger code SRL01Effectively removes dirt, grease and fingerprints Fast drying, leaves no streaks or marks One pouch cleans up to 150m², given low to medium surface...

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    UNGER Green Squeegee Rubber • Outstanding gliding properties • Medium Shore hardness – for year-round use • Streak-free results • Excellent durability • Professional quality - Made in EuropeAvailable in 14" (35cm) or 18" (45cm)

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    2 Piece Unger Locking Collar V1 for Optiloc poles. 25mm Section 2 Unger Code VS250 29mm Section 3 Unger Code VS300

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    Unger ErgoTec Ninja Washer 35cm 14" NA350. Unger ErgoTec Ninja Washer 45cm 18" NA450. Sleeve with scrub pad, washable up to 500 times. Complete with lightweight swivel T Bar. Fits all Unger poles and most other makes of poles. See below for more information.

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  • £45.08 In Stock

    Our NEW carbon fibre gooseneck attachments will allow you to reach virtually any surface for cleaning, whilst keeping weight to a bare minimum for easier brush control. Available sizes: 20cm  (Carbon Fibre) NLG20 30cm  (Carbon Fibre) NLG30 150cm (Hybrid) NLG15 

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    Extends the Stingray unit with new Easy-Click-Pole technology – simply add on and click in place to reach greater heights. Choose from the 1.24m or 0.63m extensions.Innovative triangular pole shape facilitates comfortable and reliable grip  Made of light, rigid aluminium  Features Easy-Click mechanism and spray activation button

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    OVER 30 %* MORE PURE WATER PER RESIN FILLINGFor HydroPower Ultra Filter S units Every Ultra resin pack ( DIUBS and DIUB1) contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin with a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank...

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    Replacement cartridges for Unger Hydropower RO40C (Our Code ROU10) Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge ROCAR  (Our Code ROU11) Membrane ROMEM (one membrane per pack, RO40C has 2 membranes, always change both!) (Our Code ROU12) Resin Di Filter Replacement Cartridge RORES

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    NEW! UNGER HydroPower Filters and resin packs OVER 30 %* MORE PURE WATER PER RESIN FILLINGEvery Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin with a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which...

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