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Unger manufacture a professional window cleaning tools.

Unger was founded in 1964 by Henry and Barbara Unger in the attic of the home of Barbara's grandmother in Hamburg, Germany. While the original intent was to manufacture window cleaning products, the company soon expanded its product line in order to become the market leader in the Sanitary Supply and Retail Cleaning Fields. Adopting this as the company's mission, Unger strives to produce high quality, innovative tools that help professionals clean more productively and safely.

Today, Unger is an international company and has been manufacturing professional cleaning tools for more than 40 years. It has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Germany. Unger now provides innovative cleaning solutions to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Window Cleaning Stuff supply the full range of Unger products.

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    Unger MicroWipe Lite cloth. Professional quality, lint free cloth delivers streak free, high shine finish on glass and mirrors, even without using chemicals. Small  16" x 16" 40cm x 40cm MF40E Large 32" x 24" 80cm x 60cm MF60E

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    Unger's MicroWipe microfiber cloths have proved a very popular alternative to Scrim. Sizes:Large 80cm x 60cm (32" x 24) and Small 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16") Colour: Green For more information, please see below.

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    Unger S Channel is made from a good quality stainless steel. These channels come complete with Unger premium rubber. These Channels do not require End Clips, the rubber is held in place by teeth on the Unger Handle - see below for compatible Handles . All are supplied with soft rubber except 15cm 6" channels which have hard rubber NE15H 15cm 6" NE250 25cm...

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    Unger Liquid Cleaning Soap 5L. Designed for professionals, it produces high quality and effective glass cleaning. Economic and Eco-friendly. Dilute 1 part to 100. See 'More Info' below:

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    Unger ALU T Bar. A lightweight aluminium T-bar. Aluminium bar and plastic handle with finger grooves for secure grip. Fits on Unger telescopic poles. Available in 5 sizes: 6" 15cm, 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm, 18" 45cm and 22" 55cm Colour: Green/silver See 'More Info' below:

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    Unger S-CHANNEL PLUS (No Clips) Unger precision engineered ‘Dog Eared’ squeegee channel with Unger soft rubber. For compatible Unger Handles, see below. See More Information below.

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    The Unger ErgoTec T Bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip, as well as water flow to the sleeve. Will lock into place when using the Opti Loc Pole System with ErgoTec Safety Cone. See 'More Info' below. Available in 3 sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Green

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    The Unger Ergotec Ninja range of squeegees offer a range of features for increased efficiency. The revolutionary ergnomic design ensures smooth and easy working.  

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    The Unger Monsoon sleeve is manufactured from a heavy-duty fabric which holds 20% more water than standard sleeves. The abrasive scrubbing pad on one end provides extra scrubbing power to remove bird droppings and baked-on grit and grime. Velcro fastening. Water Retention Value score: 353 Machine washable up to 500 times. Colour: Green/white See 'More...

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    The durable ErgoTec® Ninja Washer T-Bar is made of strong yet lightweight hard anodised aluminium. Its purposefuldesign delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders. Key features: - 180˚ Swivel Control with adjustable tension - perfect for pole work. - Non slip handle texture for excellent grip. - Compatible with...

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    The Unger Hydo Power Di Filters offer unparalleled efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort.Inspired by our customers and packed with the latest patented design innovations, nLite® HydroPower DI Filters offer a wealth of benefits for professional window cleaners (and everyone who works or cleanswith pure water).• FloWater™ Technology• QuickChange™...

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    Unger Window Cleaning Kit. Everything you need to start cleaning windows with pure water at heights up to 11m 36ft. Just attatch the HydroPower filter to a suitable water supply such as an outside tap and off you go! HydroPower nLite Connect Starter Kit DI12T (Unger Code DIK12 Our Code HYDRO12KIT) HydroPower nLite Connect Advanced Kit DI24W (Unger Code...

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