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Spring (Europe) pump controllers have had a real impact on the water fed, pure water cleaning industry.
In just a few years they have become not only a leading player in the manufacture of pump controllers, but also the clear leader in pump controller innovation.
How did it all start? Established in the 1960s, and trading as Crow Electro Instruments, the company suppled British industry with high quality electrical products such as transformers and PCBs.

Move forward to 2011 and the business was rebranded as Spring (Europe).

Window Cleaning Stuff stock a great range of quality products made by Spring. Take a look at their products, you be impressed.

Our favourite is the Spring digital V11 controller. It now comes with a two year guarantee. If your new to pump controllers, choosing a Spring controller is a good move. It has good diagnostics for finding faults, it is easy to read and use. We supply it with all the bits you need to connect it to the pump and battery. But most importantly it helps to protect the pump and the pumps pressure switch. Important: Connecting up these controllers needs to be done correctly on the first attempt. Incorrect wiring may damage the unit and will not be covered by the controllers warranty.

Spring Controller 

Another big plus is that Spring offer great online support from their website and from various easy to follow training videos. 

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    With the Analogue, we have introduced all the features of one of our best selling controllers but it is a super simple to use package. The new Analogue is more robust and will easily stand up to continued daily use. The analogue controls give accurate water flow rate control plus easy setting of the Dead End detection and yet with all the power and water...

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    The Spring V11 digital pump controller is a great bit of kit. It does all the technical stuff you would expect including: Accurate pump flow control, dead end detection and restarting, and battery voltage display. Choose from the Basic controller or the Split Charger controller using the option box below. Unit comes with all the necessary wires, parts and...

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    Remote control fob the WFP Link Kit. Using the latest technology to link your pump controller not only to your fob but also to your mobile phone, it provides long range radio control of your system, even with buildings in the way. This kit includes the Spring Controller (V11) and the Remote controller Fob. Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse...

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