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    Connector Prochem Female to 1/4"NPT in brass

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    This is a low cost version of the Auto Detailer hand/upholstery tool with a durable plastic head.  The plastic Detailer hand tool is suitable for low heat solution only. Our code: JMP09 Prochem code: PM2501 

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    The durable Auto Detailer hand/upholstery tool is designed to clean effectively in tight spaces. Material: Stainless Steel Our code: JMP08 Prochem code: AC1039 

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    Dri-Pod Floor Dryer. Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast. F451-230VEnhance evaporation and quickly remove surface moisture with the Dri-Pod! The Dri-Pod pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill in a 360° pattern across the entire floor. With airflow up to 3m across, the Dri-Pod is perfect for speed-drying carpet, tile,...

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    Prochem Portable carpet and upholstery spot cleaning machine. The lightweight "granite" finish Bravo Spotter delivers incredible efficiency and power in a deceptively small package. No set-up time - simply unload and begin cleaning immediately. Complete with Hand Tool and Hose. Operators will appreciate the specially designed moulded in holders that carry...

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    The Prochem Galaxy Professional compact cleaning machine is perfect for both residential and industrial cleaning of rugs, carpets. upholstery and car valeting. Although compact in design and light in weight, the Galaxy is durable and hi-tech. It has a powerful 2-stage vacuum and a 120psi pump. The machine comes complete with 4.6 meter hose and 25 cm...

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    One of the most popular extractors in the UK, the Steempro is designed with the operator in mind. Top mounted machine control panel, exhaust silencer, scuff resistent finish, and stair climbing wheels have made this a favourite with professional operators accross the world 3 models to choose from - the Powerflo, Powermax and Powerplus

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