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Since 1968, SHURflo has produced small high performance water pumps. SHURflo know their stuff, every year they make more than a million pumps.
In recent years with the move towards using pure water for cleaning windows, the SHURflo 8000 series pumps have proved a popular choice with many window cleaners involved in pure water window cleaning. 

Shurflo 8000
What makes these pumps so popular is their reliability. We have sold hundreds of these pumps and so far we have had zero returns due to a manufacturing fault. To keep your pump working for years, our tips are:

1. Protect the pump using a good pump controller, such as a Spring controller.

2. Protect from debris entering or syphoning back into the pump.

3. Protect from frost.

4. Position to pump to avoid water splashing or sitting on it, especially the end plate.

The 8000 series SHURflo pump offers just the right combination of water flow and pressure for most window cleaners using a one man system. When used with a flow Controller and protected from frost and ingress, these pumps may last for years.

Window Cleaning Stuff stock both pumps and accessories – all at great prices.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items