Window Cleaning and Mop Buckets
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    The SYR Oblong Bucket is one of the best window cleaners buckets around. It's well designed and at a great price. It has a capacity of 9 Ltr and is printed with the logo 'Window Cleaner at Work' on both sides. See 'More Info' below. Colours: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow

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    The SYR mop bucket is a robust and well designed product. It has a capacity of 6 litre. With Portion Control. Colour: Blue

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    Unger Oblong Bucket. Strong and lightweight. Includes Accessories: Squeegee and Applicator holder Size 18L Colour: Green

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    The New Ettore Window Cleaners Bucket comes complete with an snap-on lid. It will hold a 35cm 14" applicator and has comfortable, easy grip handle. Please note that the lid is not watertight, but helps reduce the 'slosh' effect! Size: 10L Colour Bucket Yellow            Lid Grey

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    The Unger Oblong Bucket 28L is ideal for use with an 18" 45cm T-Bar. It has fill level indicators on the interior to help with chemical dosing. You can also purchase castors, a lid or sieve. Unger code QB220 Colour: Green

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