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Here at Window Cleaning Stuff, we like Streamline equipment – and for good reason.

The Product Range: When you see their very smart product catalogue you will find a huge selection of cleaning products. The choice includes pure water cleaning equipment for both external and internal glass. Their Trolley Systems are very good. We particularly like the 25L Trolley with the heavy duty filtration. It is well designed, easy to transport and has a great performance. Add to this system one of the Streamline water fed poles and you’re ready to work!

Streamline also have an excellent range of pressure washers, a comprehensive range of filtration and pump options, gutter cleaning vacuum cleaners, high level vacuuming kits, soft wash systems and much more. You can understand why Streamline has a solution for most cleaning problems. In fact they now have over 4000 products available. Yes, you can buy all of them from us, even if the product is not shown on our website, just give us a call, quoting their product code.

Streamline Warehouse

The Design: Streamline work hard to make the finished product do an excellent job. So long before a new product is introduced, the development team will test different designs to get the best results. Over time these products are refined and improved.

The Product Support: Things can get broken; a lorry reverses over a water fed pole… you know the kind of things. Streamline have a good selection of spare parts, so in most cases machines, filters, trollies, poles etc can be fixed.

The Rest: We also like the fact that Streamline have been around for over 15 years. Their success in Britain and overseas (available in some 32 countries) is a good indication they are doing it right. Plus all that experience they have built up over the years can help us to help you with reliable advise and troubleshooting.

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  • £3.12 In Stock
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    High quality Connector, with Hoselock Male to 3/4" BSP Male.  Brass (Each) or Nylon (2 Pack)

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  • £4.32 In Stock

    Claber Connector. Maximum practicality, maximum durability. Nylon connector Hoselock Female to 8mm bore hose. Types: Open flow (select open) or with non return valve (select stop)

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  • £4.50 In Stock

    Streamline Cone XR Ecoline 17mm (old model) or 22mm (new model).

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  • £10.32 In Stock

    Streamline Angle Adapter for waterfed poles with standard screw threads. Allows the brush to be angled to suit the work being done. Sizes : 6"  15cm Arm (AD1-6F) 9"  23cm Arm (AD1-9F) 12" 30cm Arm (AD1-12F)

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  • £18.56 In Stock

    New Streamline 5mm bore purple hose for your water fed poles. Stronger, more flexible and more durable!

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  • £28.56 In Stock

    Vikan Hedgehog Brush Head with either soft flagged bristles or stiff bristles covering the entire head. This ensures maximum cleaning access into corners, edges and provides enhanced protection to window sill, frame and surround. Supplied with two pencil jets, hose and Y connector fitted by Streamline. Fits water fed poles with standard screw thread. Size...

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  • £38.80 In Stock

    The Streamline EcoLine GXTEL Pole range has proved a reliable and economical choice. The range includes 9 different poles, from 4' 1.3m to 38' 11.7m. Please note: Brush not included. See below for more information.  

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  • £78.99 In Stock

    The new EcoLite lightweight glass fibre telescopic pole from Streamline. The innovative locking system allows one hand clamping operation for both left and right handed persons. Brush not included.Glass fibre build. Bonded Threaded Collar. 150mm 6" Angle Adaptor. Ergonomic and reliable pole clamps. Lite-5 pole tubing Can be used with a wide range of...

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  • £92.24 In Stock

    The ULTRALITE ™ modular pole system – probably the lightest poles ever with each section weighing only 200 grams. Modular design allows you to add or remove sections to suit the required working height. The lightness of the pole enables prolonged working time without fatigue, especially when large areas of glass are to be cleaned. Ultralite Carbon Fibre...

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  • £189.50 In Stock

    With a range of new Streamline Carbon OVA8 pole extensions, the Streamline OVA8 water fed pole becomes even more versatile. You can now extend the length of this great water fed pole with ease.  Brush and hose not included. See below for details. TIP: Check the tightness of the screw on the clamp every month, but do not over tighten.

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  • £807.92 In Stock

    Streamline EcoStream ECO250 range. Due to its compact size and the fact all components are housed within the tank footprint, this product takes up little room even in smaller vans allowing space for other equipment, etc. provided the van's payload allows for the total weight of the system when filled with water.

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  • £3,429.12 In Stock

    It is a fact that hot water cleans better than cold water, so why not improve your cleaning results with a HEATWAVE™ water heater?  The greatest benefit of this superb kit to the cleaning contractor is reduced cleaning times, as hot water cuts through dirt, snail trails, fly spots, spider webs etc. far easier than if using cold water. See below for more...

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