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Granwax provide a complete range of finishes, polishes, cleaners and maintainers.

Since 1912 Granwax has been committed to manufacturing the best floor seals, finishes, cleaning and maintenance materials on the market - all with a back-up service second to none. 

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    E-ZEE WOOD FLOOR CLEANER has been specifically designed to make the cleaning of wood floors quick and simple. Ideal for use on all types of wood and laminate floors, including pre-finished flooring systems. Also suitable for use on most types of hard floor surfaces, including vinyl. Please note: EZee Wood Floor Cleaner should not be used on hardwaxed or...

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    GRANWAX EZEE SPOT & STAIN is a highly concentrated blend of detergents, solvents and cleaning agents and is effective in the removal of most food and beverage stains. GRANWAX EZEE SPOT & STAIN is easily applied by trigger spray application direct to stained area. Size: 750ml

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    .LIFT OFF is an extremely powerful blend of alkalis, sequestrant, wetting agents and a powerful degreasing solvent, designed for the removal of metallised and non-metallised emulsion polishes. It is also especially recommended for heavy duty cleaning of safety flooring.and can also be used for removal of oleo-resinous finish build-up and some adhesive...

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    Swift Low-Foam is specifically formulated to use with an automatic scrubber/dryer machine. It is a low foaming, highly efficient alkaline multi-purpose hard surface cleaner and degreaser. Swift Low-Foam should be used for preparing Granwood/Gransprung and wooden floors prior to re-finishing and for periodic cleaning of sports floors and areas subjected to...

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    Granwax POWERCLENS is a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner/degreaser containing water soluble solvent. It is effective in hard or soft water and in hot or cold solution. POWERCLENS is fully bio-degradable.

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    Granwax SPEEDKLEEN is a buffable floor cleaner and maintainer formulated to offer easy cleaning and protection to hard floors. Contains a blend of detergents and slip retardant polymers. Non-dusting and pleasantly perfumed.

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    Granwax SPORTSCLEAN is a specially formulated cleaning product designed to remove all types of sports hall soiling quickly and effectively, without the need for rinsing or neutralising.  Sportsclean is ideal for use on wood, Granwood and Gransprung floors, as well as many other types of sports and general purpose flooring.

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