Find on our website hand warmers, gloves, O'Keefe's creams, safety straps, mini cone and warning signs, Gorilla tape, and overshoe covers. We sell Ansell, Showa, Finesse and Unger gloves to protect your hands against cold and chemicals. Our O'Keefe's range of hand and feet creams will help and protect your skin. 

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    Keep your hands warm with Little Hotties Hand Warmers.2 Warmers Per Pack Up to 8 Hours of Heat Safe, Natural Heat Environmentally Friendly Air-Activated Odourless VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    High quality 16" 40cm blue Overshoes. Pack size: 100 Elasticated ankle ensures a snug fit. Ideal for protecting carpets from dirty shoes. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    WCS Face Shield Disposable PPE. Offers protection from splash and spit. Features: Comfortable elastic headband, foam forehead support, good vision, lightweight, full face cover. Does not protect from flames or impact.

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    SYR light plastic Yellow warning sign. Printed: Caution - Wet Floor and Cleaning in Progress. Suitable for indoor use. The sign clips open, but can fold flat. Height open 60cm 24".

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    Anti bacterial gel cleanser. No water - No rinse - No towels Cleanses and refreshens hands without soap. Specially formulated for professional use.450ml Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel - 65% Pop up/ easy pour lid. Made in the UK.

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    ph Shield Vinyl powder free disposable glove. Box of 100 gloves. Please note: Due to Covid-19 we gloves that have been worn or the packaging opened, can not be returned.Colour: Black or Blue depending upon stock Select from the sizes, Large, Medium or Small.

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    Zoono 300ml Hand Sanitiser kills germs and stays active for up to 24 hours to provide all-day protection. Apply it in the morning as part of your morning routine. Zoono has been extensively tested and has been proven to kill a wide range of pathogens. Effective against viruses.

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    Showa Gloves Temres 282 are breathable and waterproof with a insulated acrylic liner Liner: Nylon/insulated acrylic liner. Please note: Due to Covid-19 we gloves that have been worn or the packaging opened, can not be returned. Coating / Polymer: Breathable micro-ventilated polyurethane FeaturesFull double polyurethane coating TEMRES technology:...

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    The New WCS Butt-Head provides all the benefits of a conventional hard hat with the convenience of a handy water tank. The Butt-Head holds 8L of water, has easy filling and is fitted with a needle valve brass tap. Colour: Yellow For more information see below: 

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    Use the carabiner to fix on tools. Use the strap to fix on extension pole.  Comfortable velcro wristband  Use strap or carabiner Avoid tool drop from heights Coil in TPU Length: 1,6m stretched 

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    Unger Neoprene Gloves are a great way of keeping your hands warm and dry. The textured palm makes for a sure grip. Fully water-resistant with sealed seams. They are optimally shaped for a comfortable fit with velcro staps. They are best worn loose for comfort. Please note: Due to Covid-19 we gloves that have been worn or the packaging opened, can not be...

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    The Mini Cone come with a choice of messages on both sides. Signs have caution symbol and the word 'Caution' followed by the message.  Cones are yellow, with black writing and base Option JXV04 Has the message: "Caution trip hazard trailing hoses" on one side & "Caution window cleaning in progress " on the other side Height approx. 48cm 19" See 'More...

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