Squeegees Complete, Channels, Handles and Accessories. From Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Moerman

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    The VisaVersa is Unger's combination applicator and squeegee. The Vice Versa is a great tool that helps cut down working time when using a traditional pole. Comes complete with stainless steel channel, white standard sleeve and soft Unger rubber. Available in three sizes: 10" 25cm VP250, 14" 35cm VP350 and 18" 45cm VP450

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    The perfect balance of speed and performance. One tool - four uses. With the touch of a button you can use each part individually or in time-saving combinations. The Ettore Backflip combines a quick release Master Stainless Steel or Brass Squeegee with the Golden Glove applicator sleeve. Sizes:10" 25cm, 14" 35cm & 18" 45cm The squeegee channel is...

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    This is a great handle for Brass channels with end clips, maybe the best handle you can buy? Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle has an adjustable spring tension which customises to the users preference. The handle pivots horizontally 180 degrees. Comes complete in a box with instructions. (Channel not included).

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    The WCS Micro-Squeegee has been especially designed to clean between the glass panes within double glazed units. Measuring just 3mm long, it is suitable for very small window cleaners.  

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    Moerman Lightning Kit - Save time save money! HSM05 Moerman Excelerator Handle 23525 CAM10 Moerman Channel Liquidator 2.0 14" 35cm 23217 ASM02 Moerman Sleeve Microfiber 14" 35cm 17761 ATM02 Moerman T Bar Bi-Component 14" 35cm 17781 BBM01 Moerman Bucket on Belt 17833

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    THE LIGHTEST PROFESSIONAL SQUEEGEE HANDLE Inspired by the ground-breaking design of Unger Ultimate, the first carbon fibre squeegee ever, this superlight handle, made of premium carbon fibre material, is designed to deliver flawless performance with minimum fatigue – even after hours of intense cleaning. Put simply, it feels like cleaning with air. See...

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