Squeegees Complete, Channels, Handles and Accessories. From Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Moerman

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    Ettore Ledge-eze handle is designed for comfort and ease of use; with it's large foam grip and top clip for quick changes and positioning of channels.  This handle will fit the following channels: Ettore Master Brass Range Unger GC Range.

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    Replacement End Clips for Moerman Liquidator Version 2 Channels. Version 2 clips are longer and stronger than Version 1 Clips, and only fit Version 2 Channels. Channel not included. Set of 5 Pairs.

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    The Ettore Top Clip handle allows you to change channels with a flick of your thumb and improves your reach by easiliy positioning of channels off centre. Ettore Top Clip brass handle  will fit the following channels: For Ettore Master Brass Range Unger GC Range.

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    A modern and ergonomic design. Handle is made of plastic and stainless steel. The channel is made of stainless steel and comes complete with a Pulex rubber. Will fit most poles.Non-slip rubber handle Ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit Hole for the safety strapHandle colour: Blue/Grey or Red/Grey depending upon stock

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    Ettore Super System Swivel handle with a front mounted top clip channel release. The swivel action allows the squeegee to adjust to the angle you need without lifting it off the glass. This handle will fit the following channels: Ettore Master Brass Range Unger GC Range Ettore Master Stainless Steel with Clips

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    The Ettore Super System handle has a swivel handle and thumb release for changing or re-postioning the channel. For Ettore Stainless Steel Channels without clips.

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    Moerman Premium Snapper Handle with Moerman 14" Stainless Steel Channel. HSM35 Moerman Premium Snapper Handle 24222 CAM10 Moerman Stainless Steel 14" 35cm Channel 17790

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    The Unger ErgoTec Swivel Loc handle has a swivel action and ergonomic grip. This straight version is suitable for pole. The 30 degree version is suitable for normal cleaning. Fits securely to Unger poles fitted with the locking cone. Compatable with the Unger S  & S Plus Channels. Channel not included. Straight Unger Code LS000 Angled Unger Code LA000

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    Unger standard Ergotec Handle ETG00 for S Channel. Comfortable Ergonamic Shape. Quick and simple replacement of rubber and S-Channel. Fits securely on Unger poles with locking Cone for extra safety.Plus the Unger S-Plus UC350 Channel 35cm 14". Precision engineered ‘Dog Eared’ squeegee channel with Unger soft rubber.

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    The award-winning ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle (EN000,EN3000) from Unger has been updated with a host of great features. See below for more details.  

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    The VisaVersa is Unger's combination applicator and squeegee. The Vice Versa is a great tool that helps cut down working time when using a traditional pole. Comes complete with stainless steel channel, white standard sleeve and soft Unger rubber. Available in three sizes: 10" 25cm VP250, 14" 35cm VP350 and 18" 45cm VP450

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    The perfect balance of speed and performance. One tool - four uses. With the touch of a button you can use each part individually or in time-saving combinations. The Ettore Backflip combines a quick release Master Stainless Steel or Brass Squeegee with the Golden Glove applicator sleeve. Sizes:10" 25cm, 14" 35cm & 18" 45cm The squeegee channel is...

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