Squeegees are used to remove the window washing detergent from the window. We have great selection of complete squeegees, channels, handles and accessories. Select from leading manufacturers like Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Moerman for the perfect squeegee for you.

How to choose: First choose a category to find compatible products, take for example the category 'Squeegees Stainless Steel (Unger Type). Open this category and pick any combination of handle and channel.

A number of channels have a drop down box for you to choose the best size for cleaning your windows.


  • Moerman Squeegees

    Moerman Squeegees include the Liquidator channel range that comes with soft Moerman rubber and are fitted with the distinctive blue end clips and are designed for faster window cleaning. These channels can be used with the high performance Excelerator squeegee handle.

    Tip: Use Moerman squeegees with traditional Moerman telescopic poles. 

  • Unger Ninja Squeegee...

    Unger Ninja squeegee range is a great combination of good design and high quality manufacture. The Ninja range is characterised by its solid but comfortable feel. Over recent years Unger has extended to Ninja range of products to include the Ninja Bucket-on-a-Belt, window scrapers and applicator T-Bars and Sleeves.

  • Squeegees Brass

    A squeegee is the combination of a handle and a channel. Squeegees are used to remove the window washing detergent from the window. Handles and channels within this category from Ettore and Unger can be mixed together. Ettore offer a good range of traditional handles including the standard handle, the Top Clip, Super System and Ledge-Eze. Ettore channels come with Ettore Master soft rubber. Unger channels are fitted with Unger premium soft rubber.

    Channels come fitted with a rubber that is held in place by end clips.

  • Squeegees Stainless...

    Ettore Stainless Steel Squeegees are well made and offer good value for money. The Stainless Steel range are lighter in weight than the Ettore Brass range. Channels are supplied with Ettore soft Master rubber. The rubber is held in place by the teeth on the handle, so there is no need to use end clips. Ettore offer a range of handle designs including Progrip, Top Clip, Pro+, Super System and Ledge-Eze.

    Please note: we do recommend using these Ettore products with Stainless Steel products from Unger, Moerman and Pulex.

    Tip: Use these tools with Ettore traditional window cleaning telescopic poles.

  • Squeegees Stainless...

    Choose any combination of squeegee handle and squeegee channel within this category. It is possible to mix different manufacturers. Please note: we do not recommend using these handles and channels with Ettore products.

    All channels include rubber. The rubber is held in place by teeth on the handle so there is no need for end clips.

    Tip: If you will be using the squeegee with a traditional window cleaning telescopic pole, then choose the same make and range of pole as handle. (eg Unger ErgoTec Handle and Unger Teleplus or Unger OptiLoc poles)

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