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    Robert Scott Exel Supercloth - Medium Duty Microfibre Cloth. Durable knitted textile cloth, excellent absorbency and spillage pick up, cleans away dirt quickly and easily. Choice of 4 colours. Washable - see below. Size: 40cm x 40cm 16" x 16" Colour: Pink VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    General Purpose Ultra Soft Microfiber Towel. Streak Free Finish. Thick and absorbent. Cleans without chemicals. Lint Free and Long lasting. Machine washable. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below  

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    Super-soft Terry Towels. Ideal for both interior and exterior cleaning. Size: 14" x 15" 35cm x 38cm Colour: White

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    Unger MicroWipe Lite cloth. Professional quality, lint free cloth delivers streak free, high shine finish on glass and mirrors, even without using chemicals. Small  16" x 16" 40cm x 40cm MF40E Large 32" x 24" 80cm x 60cm MF60E VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Unger's MicroWipe microfiber cloths have proved a very popular alternative to Scrim. Sizes:Large 80cm x 60cm (32" x 24) and Small 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16") Colour: Green For more information, please see below.

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    Unger ErgoTec Ninja microfiber cloth is great for cleaning windows. It is made from a highly absorbent material that is thicker than Unger’s standard MicroWipe cloths. Its lint free and designed for longer life and superior performance. The cloth has a coarse surface for cleaning and a smooth surface for polishing and buffing. Each corner has a scrub...

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    Unger Best quality, 100% pure linen Grade 1 Scrim - washed and ready to use straight from the pack! Hemmed on all 4 sides for long use. Robust and durable. See 'More Info' below. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    The SYR microfiber finishing cloth is excellent for absorbing and removing dirt. It is non woven and lint free thus producing a smear free finish when used. The SYR microfiber cloth comes in blue and is sold in packs of 10. Size: 42cm x 37cm.  Our code: CMS01 SYR code: S0013292

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    Chamois Rat Tail Mop. A popular traditional window cleaning product. Leather Chamois sewn together. Size: No12

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    Unger Stingray Pads: Regular Pad for daily cleaning, Microfibre TriPad Unger Code SRPD1 Our code APU28 Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Polymide Wash cycles: 200 Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad Unger Code SRPD2 Our code APU29 Material: Fibres 90% Polyester, 10% Polymide. Support 100% Polyester Wash cycles: 300 See below

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    WCS Genuine Chamois Leather is a superior product. Made from selected sheepskins and 100% cod oil tanned, our chamois leather is thick to the touch, and has a luxurious, golden, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water. Also, toxic chemicals are not used in the tanning treatments Size: 6.5ft² (approx.) Please note Chamois are irregular...

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