Browse our range of inexpensive microfiber cloths and dusters, traditional window cleaning Scrim and Cotton Terry towels which are perfect at getting that stunning finish when cleaning windows, glass and many other surfaces. These professional quality cloths can also be used by domestic cleaners and home owners wanting the best cleaning and dusting results.

Our cloths, dusters and Scrim are all high quality products and durable. They come from leading manufacturers including Unger, Robert Scott and Window Cleaning Stuff.

For cleaning windows and cars we also have the best quality genuine Chamois Leather products.

With volume discounts on many of the products, you can be sure of great prices.

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    SYR heavy duty lint free Cloth. A general purpose, Microfiber cloth with many possible applications. Designed to give streak a free finish. Thick and absorbent. Cleans with or without chemicals. Can be used wet for cleaning or dry for dusting and polishing. Machine washable. Use colour coding: RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas. GREEN: Kitchen...

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    A general purpose, heavy duty cloth from SYR. This ultra soft Microfiber cloth has many possible applications. Designed to give streak a free finish. Thick and absorbent. Cleans without chemicals. Can be used wet for cleaning or dry for dusting and polishing. Lint free and long lasting. Machine washable. Size: 40cm x 40cm Material: 80% polyester, 20%...

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    Unger MicroWipe Lite window cleaning cloth. Professional quality, lint free cloth delivers streak free, high shine finish on glass and mirrors, even without using chemicals. Small  16" x 16" 40cm x 40cm MF40E Large 32" x 24" 80cm x 60cm MF60E

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    Super-soft Terry Towel cloth. Ideal for both interior and exterior cleaning. Size: 14" x 15" 35cm x 38cm Colour: White

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    Unger's MicroWipe microfiber window cleaning cloths have proved a very popular alternative to Scrim. Sizes:Large MF60L 80cm x 60cm (32" x 24) and Small MF40L 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16") Colour: Green For more information, please see below.

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    This Unger microfiber Ninja cloth is great for cleaning windows. Its made from a lint free. highly absorbent material that is thicker than Unger’s standard MicroWipe cloths. Designed for longer life and superior performance. The cloth has a coarse surface for cleaning and a smooth surface for polishing and buffing. Each corner has a scrub pocket. Wash up...

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    Unger Best quality, 100% pure linen, washed Grade 1 window cleaning Scrim cloth (Unger code SCRMW) - ready to use straight from the pack! Hemmed on all 4 sides for long use. Robust and durable. See 'More Info' below. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    FaceLift Microfibre Cloth with ultrafine Fishscale weave. High Quality Next Generation Cleaning Cloth that is highly absorbent. Use wet or dry. Colour: Red with Grey Trim Size: 80cm x 60cm

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    Chamois Rat Tail Mop. A popular traditional window cleaning product. Still used by many traditional window cleaners. Strips of Chamois Leather sewn together. Size: No12

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    Unger Stingray Pads: Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad Unger Code SRPD2 Material: Fibres 90% Polyester, 10% Polymide. Support 100% Polyester Wash cycles: 300

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    WCS Genuine Chamois Leather is a superior product. Made from selected sheepskins and 100% cod oil tanned, our chamois leather is thick to the touch, and has a luxurious, golden, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water. Also, toxic chemicals are not used in the tanning treatments Size: 6.5ft² (approx.) Please note Chamois are irregular...

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