Streamline OVA-8 water fed poles have taken the market by storm. With the wide choice of pole lengths available and the growing number of accessories for the Streamline OVA-8 pole, this is a good choice if you are thinking of investing in a new water fed pole.

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    OVA8 sockets. Available in three different options: WXV123 - 90DEG Socket Version 1 for the MK1 OVA8 Poles only. WXV135 - 90DEG Socket Version 2 for the New OVA8 Poles. WXV134- Swivel Socket Version 2 for the New OVA8 Poles.

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    Streamline Clamps for OVA8 poles. Theses Clamps fit the original OVA8 pole with the glued clamps and also the latest poles. The Clamps are identified by numbers,  Clamp 1 being the top Clamp. TIP: Check the tightness of the screw every month, but do not over tighten.

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    Streamline angle adapters extensions for the latest OVA-8 poles.* Provides extra reach for your brush. (Angle adapter and brush not included). Streamline Code: OV-FT150 Nylon 15cm Streamline Code: OV-FT200 Carbon 20cm Streamline Code:  OV-FT300 Carbon 30cm * requires the latest V2 Angle Adaptor and Socket. Older poles can be converted by fitting the V2...

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    Streamline Eco 5 PVC 5mm bore hose. Suitable for use as water fed pole hose. Streamline code: PVCT8-5-030-BL This hose is now used on the Streamline OVA-8 pole systems. Colour: Blue Length: 30m

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    Use two tools, such as two brushes, with one pole. Dual Angle Adapter, specifically designed for the STREAMLINE® OVA8 water fed telescopic pure water window cleaning pole.

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    Streamline Angle Adapter for OVA8 poles with V2 fittings. Sizes: 3" & 6"

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    Streamline Angle Adapter for OVA-8 telescopic poles, with 3", 6", 9" or 12" adapter with German Thread. Allows OVA-8 poles to be used with most brushes. Streamline Code: OV-AD20-03

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    Streamline OVA8 Bronze Wool Pad Adapter complete with Streamline® Bronze Wool Pad. Only suitable for OVA8 V2 Poles. Streamline Code: OV-PAD001

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    Streamline Brushes for OVA8 poles. We stock the Version 2 Socket Brushes. 10" 26cm Brushes have 4 nozzle positions and 14" 36cm have 6 nozzle positions. Order WBV120 for Pencil Jets and WBV122 for Fan Jets. See below for more information.Version 1 brush socket, (the original) shown above. If you wish to convert a V2 Brush to a V1 socket, please order an...

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    With a range of new Streamline Carbon OVA8 pole extensions, the Streamline OVA8 water fed pole becomes even more versatile. You can now extend the length of this great water fed pole with ease.  Brush and hose not included. See below for details. TIP: Check the tightness of the screw on the clamp every month, but do not over tighten.

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    The new improved OVA-8 is the latest water fed pole from Streamline. Now with improved clamps and 90 degrees neck. When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided - stiffness, a huge “safety” plus. The Oval design will cancel out that “whipping effect” from moving a pole at height from one...

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    The New STREAMLINE DRAGONFLY4 is the perfect answer to internal glass and window cleaning where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height from the ground. Kit contains: Dragonfly Backpack with 1L container, battery and pump. Remote control switch. OVA8 Pole, Pad Holder and 2 Scrub Mops + 2...

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