Some winter products to help you during those cold and wet months

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    Kleenex pocket tissues with Balsam BalmCare (Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Calendula) Leaves behind a protective balm. Pack size: 9 (21cm x 21cm, Total 0.39sm) VOLUME DISCOUNT

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    Keep your hands warm with Little Hotties Hand Warmers.2 Warmers Per Pack Up to 8 Hours of Heat Safe, Natural Heat Environmentally Friendly Air-Activated Odourless VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVES Protection from mechanical risk. Liquid proof. Protection from cold. Protection against micro-organism. Protection against heat. Chemical breakthrough time higher than 30 minutes for most common chemicals (see below).

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    Spend less time scraping ice from your vehicles windows. Simply spray Prestone Rapid De-Icer and watch the ice melt away. It’s tested in extreme conditions so that it works for you every day throughout winter – no de-icer works faster. It melts ice down to -40ᵒC and works in seconds, meaning it’s faster and more powerful than any other de-icer available...

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    ANSELL HYFLEX GLOVES These multipurpose Gloves offer protection against cuts and abrasions. They are oil repellent and will keep your hands safe and warm. Thanks to the material used for their manufacture, you will notice an enhanced grip when wearing them.

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    ANSELL GLOVES VERSATOUCH These gloves provide warmth and comfort together with protection. Specially useful during those cold winters!

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    Showa Gloves Temres 282 are breathable and waterproof with a insulated acrylic liner Liner: Nylon/insulated acrylic liner Coating / Polymer: Breathable micro-ventilated polyurethane FeaturesFull double polyurethane coating TEMRES technology: engineered breathable membrane fixed between coating and liner Micro roughened nitrile coating finish Seamless...

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    Unger Neoprene Gloves are a great way of keeping your hands warm and dry. The textured palm makes for a sure grip. Fully water-resistant with sealed seams. They are optimally shaped for a comfortable fit with velcro staps. They are best worn loose for comfort.

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    WCS Applicator Trousers are made from the same soft and fluffy microfiber material that the leading Applicator Sleeves are made from. They will keep you warm even during the coldest weather. The elasticated waist and authentic Velcro fly provides both comfort and convenience. Pease note: Not suitable for wet weather.

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    Streamline reinforced  PVC HIVIZ 6mm bore, 100m long hose is a high quality hose that has proved a good all-round performer for water fed pole systems. HIVIZ hose is more visible during the cold and wet days of winter. The thicker outer wall gives heavy duty durability for improved resistance to abrasion yet has good flexibility making it easy to use. See...

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