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    Kleenex pocket tissues with Balsam BalmCare (Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Calendula) Leaves behind a protective balm. Pack size: 9 (21cm x 21cm, Total 0.39sm) VOLUME DISCOUNT

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    A choice of crimp terminals for connecting your pump, pump controller and battery. Suitable for 2.5mm 14 AWG wire. Ratings: Bullet Terminals 16A Ring Terminals 30A Colour: Blue

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    Zinc plated mild steel O Clip with double ears for clamping hose, available in various sizes. Sizes refer to outside diameter of hose. See the size guide below:

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    Multicomp Fuse for Spring and Varistream pump controllers. Integrated LED that glows when the fuse blows. Rating: 10A Colour: Red Type: ATO

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    American Line Mini Scraper. Great for window Cleaners, painters, automotive engineers and DIYers. Users will appreciate the rugged design and blade locking feature of this mini scraper. It will help remove paint, adhesives, decals and more from glass and other hard surfaces. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    High performance Tri Rated Cable for connecting your pump, pump controller and battery. We supply a wide range of electrical connectors and accessories. Priced per metre. (Max length 100m)

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    Multicomp Splice Connector. After the wires are inserted the Connector is closed by crimping with pliers.Simple to use - apply with pliers Excellent electrical connection 600V Voltage rating 105°C Temperature rating

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    Streamline angle adapters extensions for OVA-8 poles. Provides extra reach for your brush. (Angle adapter and brush not included). Streamline Code: OV-FT150 Nylon 15cm Streamline Code: OV-FT200 Carbon 20cm Streamline Code:  OV-FT300 Carbon 30cm

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    Streamline Hi-Lo Brush. A mono-stock radius Hi-Lo brush with soft black bristles. Temperature rating 80DegC. Various jet positions. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 382g) Streamline Code V-SBH25-S 14" 36cm (weight 463g) Streamline Code V-SBH36-S

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    Streamline High Pressure Brush. Medium duel bristles. Fitted with two fan jets. Rated to 285 Bar. Streamline code: 10" 26cm HP-SBF26-MD 14" 36cm HP-SBF36-MD Select size below:

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    General Pump Glass fibre/Aluminium Telescopic Wand for high pressure cleaning. Available in: 5.2m 17' (3 - Section) 3.3kg Streamline Code HP-18 6.9m 22' (4 - Section) 4.7kg Streamline Code HP-24 See JAS1510 for nozzles. Closed length: 2.1m Rated to 285 Bar.

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    Pressure cleaning tasks up to 4 storeys height can now be achieved using the Highline™ and Giraffe telescoping wands. With a selection of nozzles and attachments (See our Code JAS1510), these poles offer a solution to almost any cleaning at height chalenge encountered. Designed to fit most pressure washers, hose rated to (4000psi) 280Bar. Select pole...

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