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  • Applicators and Sleeves

    Browse our professional range of traditional window cleaning T-Bars, Sleeves (also called washers) and Complete Applicators for easily applying the window washing soap to your windows. We have great prices on top quality equipment from leading manufacturers such as Unger, Ettore, Pulex, WCS and Moerman for use by both professional window cleaners and domestic use customers.

    Pick from a choice of popular sizes, starting at the smallest 15cm 6" applicator, with different sizes going up to the largest 55cm 22" applicator. Use our 'Water Retention Value' guide to compare the different sleeves available and our 'More Info' section to help you choose the very best product for you at a price you can afford.

    How do I choose an applicator? Select a T-Bar that suits your needs. Then choose a Sleeve of the same size. You can mix different manufacturers of T-Bars and Sleeves. A fixed T-Bar can be used horizontally or vertically, however if you are using it on a telescopic pole many cleaners prefer a swivel T-Bar.

    Tip: If you are going to use the T-Bar on a traditional telescopic pole, choose the same make of T-Bar and Pole.

  • Belts & Accessories

    Make carrying your traditional window cleaning tools and accessories easy and safer by choosing from our professional range of Belts, Pouches, Bucket-on-Belt Tool Holders and Leather Holsters. With so many things to carry; squeegees, applicators, cloths and scrapers, you can be sure to find the right belt and accessory in this category. You will find high quality equipment from leading manufacturers such as Unger, Moerman and Ettore. Our well priced range of belts and accessories includes products for commercial & industrial window cleaning as well as for home use.

    We also stock spare parts for some products.

    Tip: Although some products can be mixed from different manufacturers, it is generally best to stick to one manufacturer for belts and accessories.

  • Buckets

    Save money on our range of professional window cleaning buckets, mop buckets and bucket accessories will help you to work efficiently and safely. These popular and cost effective buckets are made by Unger, SYR and Ettore. You will find that our buckets are strong and durable with easy to carry handles, some are available in a choice of colours. There is also a variety of capacities to suit your cleaning requirements.

    The bucket accessories may also help to make the cleaning task a little bit more manageable. Some buckets include accessories, while others offer them as additional items. See 'You Might also Consider' on the buckets product page to see available accessories.

    Although these products are favourites among professional cleaners, their advantages can also be enjoyed by domestic cleaners.

  • Carpet & Upholstery...

    Our comprehensive range of carpet and upholstery cleaning detergents and treatments, spot and stain liquids and spray-extraction carpet cleaning machines will help you to achieve the best results and tackle any job with confidence. Our range of products include carpet cleaning solutions from two of the best manufacturers of carpet care chemicals and machines, Prochem and Chemspec. There are also a number of carpet and upholstery cleaning accessories available. We also stock cleaning products for Leather furniture.

    We also supply a range of vacuum cleaners and accessories from Numatic, Sebo and PacVac.

    Have a look of our excellent range of carpet and upholstery cleaning products.

  • Cleaning Cloths

    Browse our range of inexpensive microfiber cloths and dusters, traditional window cleaning Scrim and Cotton Terry towels which are perfect at getting that stunning finish when cleaning windows, glass and many other surfaces. These professional quality cloths can also be used by domestic cleaners and home owners wanting the best cleaning and dusting results.

    Our cloths, dusters and Scrim are all high quality products and durable. They come from leading manufacturers including Unger, Robert Scott and Window Cleaning Stuff.

    For cleaning windows and cars we also have the best quality genuine Chamois Leather products.

    With volume discounts on many of the products, you can be sure of great prices.

  • Detergents Windows...

    Shop our range of traditional window cleaning liquids and detergents for that shiny finish. Even the dirtiest windows are no match for our glass and window cleaning products from Unger, Moerman, Ettore and SYR. Many of our customers buy these products over and over again because they give great results and they are economical to use. Plus we also have two restoration products that can help remove water spots and mineral deposits.

    We also have pure water additives from Jigsaw Innovations for window cleaners using water fed systems.

    For window cleaners using the Unger Stingray indoor window cleaning system, we have the pure water refills.

    So whatever you need to make your windows shine, you will find the right product for your windows right here.

  • Gutter Vacuums

    We have great prices on our range of Streamvac professional Gutter Cleaning Vacuums from Streamline make essential maintenance and cleaning work so much easier and safer to accomplish. No need for ladders as you will be able to reach heights of up to 11.9m 39' while standing safely on the ground. Both the 30L and 70L machines are easy to manoeuvre with the large fitted castors. The Ultralite modular Carbon poles come complete with a storage holdall for easy transport and storage.

    An optional camera makes the inspection of the gutters both before and after cleaning a simple and straight forward job.

    With two models available and a good number of accessories for each machine, you will find just the right system for your needs and at a great price.

  • Ladders

    Save money and get the right combination of ladder and accessory to work efficiently and safely. Shop from our range of Aluminium window cleaners ladders made by leading manufacturers such as Ramsay and Lyte. Choose from traditional window cleaners 'pointers' ladders from Ramsay and the more conventional open top ladders from Lyte.

    We also supply products from Laddermat and from Burton Wire that make using ladders safer and more convenient. We offer great prices on ladders and accessories.

    We also offer a small range of spare parts that will keep your ladders safe to use.

  • Mops & Brushes

    Our high quality professional floorcare products include mops and buckets, brushes, abrasive pads, rotary machine pads, litter pickers and floor and hard surface detergents. What ever you are cleaning you will find a tool that will make cleaning so much easier to accomplish and with great results.

    Tip: Save time and money by choosing a mopping system from one manufacturer. Then it makes adding to the system easy!

    We have specialist cleaning equipment and liquids from Unger, SYR, Robert Scott, Pulex, Hart, Prochem, Chemspec and Streamline to choose from. Have a look of these products on our website. 

  • Pressure Washing &...

    Browse our large range of heavy-duty pressure washers and soft washing systems from Streamline. We have cold and hot water pressure washers with a variety of specifications and configurations, from trolley mounted units to trailer mounted units. The range includes petrol powered Honda pressure washers with GP pumps capable of working to some 200Bar. We also have a well priced selection of tools and accessories for pressure washers. We are happy to help you choose the right machine with the right pressure and flow rate.

    The Streamline Soft Wash trolleys are well priced and designed to work with AlgoClear Pro. Plus a range of soft washing chemicals from AlgoClear.

    We also have a wide range of pressure washer accessories from Streamline. If you don't find what you are looking for, just call us or send us a email and we will do our best to help you. 

  • Scrapers for Glass and...

    We have a wide selection of high quality professional Glass and Floor Scrapers. Scrapers start at just 1.5cm wide with the retractable pocket scraper and go up to the SYR Triumph and Ettore Pro+ Scrapers which have a 15cm wide blade. We also stock replacement Scraper Blades and accessories for all the Scrapers we stock. Whether you are a window cleaning, involved in maintenance or a home owner we have a Scraper to suit your needs.

    Our suppliers are well known manufacturers like Unger, Ettore, American Line and SYR. With a variety of sizes and types of scrapers available you can be confident of finding the right scraper at a great price.

  • Squeegee Rubber

    Our comprehensive range of economical replacement Squeegee Rubbers are easy to fit and will give you that professional finish. We stock Unger, Ettore, SYR, Pulex, Moerman and FaceLift RazrBlade Red Rubber. Rubbers come in either 36" 92cm or 42" 105cm lengths and hard and soft compounds, check our website for available options.

    Tip: If you use a 35cm 14" squeegee, then the 105cm 42" rubber is the most economical rubber to buy. Rubbers are easy to cut using a pocket scraper on a suitable surface.

    All of the rubbers we sell can be used with any manufacturers squeegee channels, Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel Squeegee Channels.

    Tip: Choose a hard rubber if you like to press hard with a squeegee or the weather is hot. Alternatively choose a soft rubber for colder weather. 

  • Squeegees

    Squeegees are used to remove the window washing detergent from the window. We have great selection of complete squeegees, channels, handles and accessories. Select from leading manufacturers like Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Moerman for the perfect squeegee for you.

    How to choose: First choose a category to find compatible products, take for example the category 'Squeegees Stainless Steel (Unger Type). Open this category and pick any combination of handle and channel.

    A number of channels have a drop down box for you to choose the best size for cleaning your windows.

  • Traditional Poles &...

    Search our range of traditional window cleaning telescopic poles and pole accessories to help you to reach those difficult areas to clean. We stock leading brands such as Unger, Ettore and Moerman. Choose from our wide selection of high quality telescopic poles for traditional window cleaning, high level maintenance and high level dusting. Plus you can choose from a comprehensive range of accessories and tools.

    Tip: Choose the same make of accessories and telescopic pole. (Some accessories will fit other makes of pole, please check the individual product for more information).

  • Water Fed Pole Systems

    Window Cleaning Stuff is a leading supplier of high quality pure water window cleaning equipment used for water fed pole window cleaning systems.

    With a choice of water fed poles, pumps, mixed-bed resins, filtration options and pure water systems from leading manufacturers such as Streamline, Shurflo, Tulsion, Spring and Unger, we are in a perfect position to supply you with all you need for your commercial and industrial window cleaning.

    With great prices and fast delivery take a look at our pure water window cleaning products.

  • Window Cleaning Kits

    At Window Cleaning Stuff we offer a range of both traditional window cleaning kits and pure water window cleaning kits. These kits have proved a popular choice for many who want a simple choice of complete packages. They can be used by the professional window cleaner, contract cleaners, office and shop staff and home users. The kits are made up of products from leading manufacturers such as Unger and Moerman. You can customise your kit by adding additional items from our wide range of products. Just choose a kit to suit your needs & budget.

  • Workwear and Personal...

    Find on our website hand warmers, gloves, O'Keefe's creams, safety straps, mini cone and warning signs, Gorilla tape, and overshoe covers. We sell Ansell, Showa, Finesse and Unger gloves to protect your hands against cold and chemicals. Our O'Keefe's range of hand and feet creams will help and protect your skin. 

  • Clearance Bargains

    You will not believe the prices in our clearance bargains category. We have slashed the prices of these limited stock items; as they say 'once their gone, their gone'. So you need to be quick! New end of line products from all manufactures are being added regularly. Have a look and find that bargain to make your day.

  • Joke Products

    If you enjoy a laugh and can spare a few minutes, why not explore this strange bunch of products from the imaginative minds of the staff here at Window Cleaning Stuff. They are pretty odd, the joke products, not the staff. Every now and then we add another product, so make sure you keep up to date with this peculiar category. 

    We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

  • £4.46 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    Unger Liquid Cleaning Soap 5L. Designed for professionals, it produces high quality and effective glass cleaning. Economic and Eco-friendly. Dilute 1 part to 100. For the best results use an applicator to apply the solution and a squeegee to remove it. See 'More Info' below:

    £4.46 More
  • £5.47 In Stock

    Unger ALU T Bar. A lightweight aluminium T-bar. Aluminium bar and plastic handle with finger grooves for secure grip. Fits on Unger telescopic poles. Available in 5 sizes: 6" 15cm, 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm, 18" 45cm and 22" 55cm Colour: Green/silver See 'More Info' below:

    £5.47 More
  • £5.89 In Stock

    The Unger ErgoTec T Bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip, as well as water flow to the sleeve. Will lock into place when using the Opti Loc Pole System with ErgoTec Safety Cone. See 'More Info' below. Available in 3 sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Green

    £5.89 More
  • £6.29 In Stock

    Unger Brass GC range of Channels are well made and come complete with Unger's premium soft rubber and end clips. Unger Code GC250 10" 25cm GC350 14" 35cm GC450 18" 45cm

    £6.29 More
  • £6.40 In Stock

    Don't throw that old pole away. Fit the new Ettore Collars for Reach Poles and extend the life of your pole and save yourself some money. Contains outer Collar and Insert. Ettore Code 1908 (Small) for Section 2 Ettore Code 1910 (Large) for Section 3 Ettore Code 1950 (X-Large) for Section 4

    £6.40 More
  • £8.27 In Stock
    2 Review(s)

    The Unger Monsoon sleeve is manufactured from a heavy-duty fabric which holds 20% more water than standard sleeves. The abrasive scrubbing pad on one end provides extra scrubbing power to remove bird droppings and baked-on grit and grime. Velcro fastening. Unger MS150 15cm 6" Unger MS250 25cm 10" Unger MS350 35cm 14" Unger MS450 45cm 18" Water Retention...

    £8.27 More
  • £9.90 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    Unger MicroStrip (StripWasher) Microfiber applicator Sleeve with a built-in scrubbing pad and Velcro fastening. The structure of tiny microfibers offers extraordinary water absorption, exceptional dirt pick up and easy rinsing. Machine washable. See 'More Info' below. Unger NS250 25cm 10" Unger NS350 35cm 14" Unger NS450 45cm 18" Unger NS550 55cm 22"...

    £9.90 More
  • £10.14 In Stock

    Unger Angle Joint helps access hard to reach places. It is available in two versions: Sturdy Zinc (Unger Code CJA00) or lightweight Nylon (Unger Code CJN00). Fits all Unger traditional poles: TelePlus, OptiLoc and UniTec telescopic pole ranges.

    £10.14 More
  • £13.70 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    The Unger UniTec 2-Section telescopic pole has twist locking with either left or right twists. A good quality telescopic pole for light use. Removable cone.

    £13.70 More
  • £52.09 In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    Unger TelePlus System. Extendable Telescopic Pole up to and including 5 Sections. Extention sections are simple and easy to attach. Maximum Pole length 10m 33' plus body height. Now with Ergotec safety cone. See below for more information Our Code Sections Extended Length  Unger Code PTU22 2 13' 4m   TZ400 PTU23 3 20' 6m TD600 PTU24 4 26'...

    £52.09 More
  • £95.00 In Stock

    The Ramsay A frame ladder (called a 'pointer' by many) is ideal for traditional window cleaning. Single section ladder, all aluminium construction. Rectangular box section stiles with 24mm Diameter serrated round rungs fitted at 250mm centres. (If Circular Feet are fitted the height will increase slightly). For more information, please see below. PLEASE...

    £95.00 More
  • £195.00 In Stock

    Ramsay A frame Aluminium ladder (called a pointer) is ideal for traditional window cleaning. Double extension. Rectangular box section stiles with 24mm Diameter serrated round rungs fitted at 250mm centres. (If Circular Feet are fitted the height will increase slightly). More information below. Tip: Check closed length before ordering. Delivery: Normally...

    £195.00 More
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