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      High quality blades for Safety Pocket Scaper. Supplied in handy 10 pack dispenser or as a pack of 100. Will fit Unger, Ettore & American Line Pocket Scrapers.  

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      Unger ALU T Bar. A lightweight aluminium T-bar. Aluminium bar and plastic handle with finger grooves for secure grip. Fits on Unger telescopic poles. Available in 5 sizes: 6" 15cm, 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm, 18" 45cm and 22" 55cm Colour: Green/silver See 'More Info' below:

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      The Unger ErgoTec T Bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip, as well as water flow to the sleeve. Will lock into place when using the Opti Loc Pole System with ErgoTec Safety Cone. See 'More Info' below. Available in 3 sizes: 10" 25cm, 14" 35cm and 18" 45cm Colour: Green

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      The Unger Ninja channel comes complete with rubber and end clips. This Ninja channel is part of a range of squeegees that offer a number of features for increased efficiency. The revolutionary ergnomic design ensures smooth and easy working. The Aluminium construction makes the channels strong and light.

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      The Unger Monsoon sleeve is manufactured from a heavy-duty fabric which holds 20% more water than standard sleeves. The abrasive scrubbing pad on one end provides extra scrubbing power to remove bird droppings and baked-on grit and grime. Velcro fastening. Water Retention Value score: 353 Machine washable up to 500 times. Colour: Green/white See 'More...

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      Unger Ergotec Handle for S Channel. Comfortable Ergonamic Shape. Quick and simple replacement of rubber and S-Channel. Fits securely on Unger poles with locking Cone for extra safety. Channel not included. Available with either a standard length grip, Unger Code ETG00 or the long length (+2.5cm), Unger Code ETX00. Both have the new design of clip. See...

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    • £9.83 In Stock

      The durable ErgoTec® Ninja Washer T-Bar is made of strong yet lightweight hard anodised aluminium. Its purposefuldesign delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders. Key features: - 180˚ Swivel Control with adjustable tension - perfect for pole work. - Non slip handle texture for excellent grip. - Compatible with...

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      WCS Clear PVC Pole Hose is a lightweight, good quality hose with good flexibility for ease of use. It also has good abrasive resistance and is very economical in cost. (Suggested O Clip WXV600) See Below for more information:  

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      Streamline robust water brooms are great for cleaning flat surfaces. Allowing you to clean large areas in less time it would take using traditional methods. The Broom glides easily across the surface, uniformly cleaning patios, paths, driveways, carparks, garage floors and much more. Max 280Bar. 1/4" NPT female inlet. 30cm 12" 3 Nozzle Broom HP-WB03 40cm...

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      Made from strong Polyethylene. All tanks are baffled except 75L tanks. See below for more information. All tanks come with screw lids. Contact us for volume discounts. Outlet Size: 75L - 350L tanks is 3/4"BSP female 400L - 650L tanks 1" BSP female Lid position and appearance may vary from the illustration.

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      Streamline StreamFlo Trolley provides pure water on demand. Collapsible strong powder coated frame. Complete with gel battery, intelligent charger, TDS meter and digital controller. 100psi diaphragm pump. Filtration: BB10 DI Filter suitable for Reverse Osmosis treated water (shown) 6x18 DI Filter suitable for tap water 

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      It is a fact that hot water cleans better than cold water, so why not improve your cleaning results with a HEATWAVE™ water heater?  The greatest benefit of this superb kit to the cleaning contractor is reduced cleaning times, as hot water cuts through dirt, snail trails, fly spots, spider webs etc. far easier than if using cold water. See below for more...

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