Choose any combination of squeegee handle and squeegee channel within this category. It is possible to mix different manufacturers. Please note: we do not recommend using these handles and channels with Ettore products.

All channels include rubber. The rubber is held in place by teeth on the handle so there is no need for end clips.

Tip: If you will be using the squeegee with a traditional window cleaning telescopic pole, then choose the same make and range of pole as handle. (eg Unger ErgoTec Handle and Unger Teleplus or Unger OptiLoc poles)

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    Moerman Stainless Steel Channel & Moerman soft rubber. Will fit the Moerman, Unger and Pulex Stainless Steel Handles. See below. Size: 14" 35cm

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    Pulex Technolite Stainless Steel channel & Pulex soft rubber. Will fit the Pulex Technolite Handle (HSP01), also Unger and Moerman Stainless Steel Handles. Size: 14" 35cm

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    Unger S Channel is made from a good quality stainless steel. These channels come complete with Unger premium rubber. These Channels do not require End Clips, the rubber is held in place by teeth on the Unger Handle - see below for compatible Handles . All are supplied with soft rubber except 15cm 6" channels which have hard rubber NE15H 15cm 6" NE250 25cm...

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    Unger S-CHANNEL PLUS (No Clips) Unger precision engineered ‘Dog Eared’ squeegee channel with Unger soft rubber. For compatible Unger Handles, see below. See More Information below.

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    Unger Stainless Steel Handle with soft grip. Well made at a great price. Designed with a rear spring clip for Unger S and S Plus channels. Unger Code SG000. Fits most telescopic poles with a taper, press fit.

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    Moerman Handle. Bi-Component handle with soft grip and quick release rear clip. Fits Moerman Liquidator and Stainless Steel Channels. Also fits Unger and Pulex Stainless Steel Channels. Fits Moerman telescopic poles. Moerman Code: 17733

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    A modern and ergonomic design of handle. Handle is made of plastic and stainless steel. Will fit most poles. Please note: Channel not included.Ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle Hole for the safety strap Will fit notched stainless steel channels from Pulex, Moerman and UngerHandle colour: Green/Black

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    Unger Ergotec Handle for S Channel. Comfortable Ergonamic Shape. Quick and simple replacement of rubber and S-Channel. Fits securely on Unger poles with locking Cone for extra safety. Channel not included. Available with either a standard length grip, Unger Code ETG00 or the long length (+2.5cm), Unger Code ETX00. Both have the new design of clip. See...

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    A modern and ergonomic design. Handle is made of plastic and stainless steel. The channel is made of stainless steel and comes complete with a Pulex rubber. Will fit most poles.Non-slip rubber handle Ergonomic design enabling the user to adjust the handle grip to suit their preference Hole for the safety strapHandle colour: Green/Grey or Red/Grey...

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    The Unger ErgoTec Swivel Loc handle has a swivel action and ergonomic grip. This straight version is suitable for pole. The 30 degree version is suitable for normal cleaning. Fits securely to Unger poles fitted with the locking cone. Compatable with the Unger S  & S Plus Channels. Channel not included. Straight Unger Code LS000 Angled Unger Code LA000

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    THE LIGHTEST PROFESSIONAL SQUEEGEE HANDLE Inspired by the ground-breaking design of Unger Ultimate, the first carbon fibre squeegee ever, this superlight handle, made of premium carbon fibre material, is designed to deliver flawless performance with minimum fatigue – even after hours of intense cleaning. Put simply, it feels like cleaning with air. See...

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