Window Cleaning Stuff is a leading supplier of high quality pure water window cleaning equipment used for water fed pole window cleaning systems.

With a choice of water fed poles, pumps, mixed-bed resins, filtration options and pure water systems from leading manufacturers such as Streamline, Shurflo, Tulsion, Spring and Unger, we are in a perfect position to supply you with all you need for your commercial and industrial window cleaning.

With great prices and fast delivery take a look at our pure water window cleaning products.

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    Claber connector. Maximum practicality, maximum durability. Nylon connector Hoselock Female to 1/2" 12mm bore hose. Types: Open flow (select open) or with non return valve (select stop).

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    Streamline Nozzle Jet Kits. Weight for 2 Pack Jets 120g. Fan Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code FJ2-02, Our Code WBV122 Fan Jet Pack of 4 Streamline Code FJ2-04, Our Code WBV124 Pencil Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code NJ3-02, Our Code WBV120 Pencil Jet Pack of 4 Streamline Code NJ3-04, Our Code WBV121 Brush not included.

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    Streamline XR Replacement Lateral Clamps for XR70 and XR100 poles. Clamp 1 is the clamp closest clamp to your brush head. Clamp 9 is the 9th countable clamp down from the brush head. XR clamps are marked with the product code, see below:

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    Streamline Hi-Lo Brush. A mono-stock radius Hi-Lo brush with soft black bristles. Temperature rating 80DegC. Various jet positions. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 382g) Streamline Code V-SBH25-S 14" 36cm (weight 463g) Streamline Code V-SBH36-S

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    Streamline flat brush with medium double bristle and 45Deg socket. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 246g) Streamline Code V-SBF26-MD01 14" 36cm (weight 360g) Streamline Code V-SBF36-MD01 VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Streamline Filterplus DI Pressure Vessel with distribution manifold. For use with DI Resin for producing pure water. Resin not included. Ports: Two 3/4" BSP Female Vessel Size: 6.9L, 11.0L & 25.7L, See guide below. Colour: Black VOLUME DISCOUNT

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    Unger nLite Connect Modular-Telescopic Water fed pole range. Available in Aluminium, Glass Fibre, Hybrid, Carbon, Himod Carbon and Ultra Himod Carbon. See accessories for brush, hose and gooseneck options. See below for more information:

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    Replacement cartridges for Unger Hydropower RO40C (Our Code ROU10) Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge ROCAR  (Our Code ROU11) Membrane ROMEM (one membrane per pack, RO40C has 2 membranes, always change both!) (Our Code ROU12) Resin Di Filter Replacement Cartridge RORES

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    The MOBI is available in two options. The easy Carry 'N' Go MOBI Kit features a DI Vessel filled with Tulsion MB115 resin and a comfortable swivelling metal carry handle (See video). The MOBI is also available with a wall mounting bracket, with holes for M8 screws.Stainless Steel Hoselock type fittings. Stop connector on female coupler saves pure water...

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    THE NEW XR70 Series 70% Carbon Streamline XR70 has lateral section clamps for ease of use. The 70% Carbon telescopic sections offer improved stiffness combined with reduced weight. Supplied with a angle adaptor. Brush not included. Suitable for all brushes with standard sockets. Pole Colour: Blue See more information below.

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    The new improved OVA-8 is the latest water fed pole from Streamline. Now with improved clamps and swivel neck. When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided - stiffness, a huge “safety” plus. The Oval design will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one...

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    Complete Water Fed Trolley System. Simply fill the container with tap water and it's ready to work.  Everything you need to start water fed window cleaning. Want a long pole? See WTS080 Illustration may vary from product shown. Contents of these bundle are listed below, see More Info. 

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