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    Claber connector. Maximum practicality, maximum durability. Nylon connector Hoselock Female to 1/2" 12mm bore hose. Types: Open flow (select open) or with non return valve (select stop).

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    The All New Slick-Connect. The Only Coupling Designed For Water Fed Pole. Totally replacing the Rectus 21 and Rectus 26 CouplingsNo More Snagging When Moving Hoses Along The Ground No More Accidental Disconnection No More Damaged Fitting As Fitting Now Have Protective Covers No More Exposed O-Clips To Catch Your Skin Or Snags.See more info below:-

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    Streamline Inlet Manifold for HRM Hose Reels. WXV031 for HRM2 Hose Reels (Streamline RM007-HRM2) Length 40cm WXV032 for HRM4 & HRM5 Hose Reels (Streamline RM009-HRM4-5) Length 45cm WXW033 for HRM3 & HRM6 Hose Reels (Streamline Code RM009-HRM3-6)

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    Streamline Angle Adapter OVA-8 12" German Thread. Allows OVA-8 poles to be used with most brushes. Available in 4 sizes, use the drop down box to select.

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    Streamline Hi-Lo Brush. A mono-stock radius Hi-Lo brush with medium blue bristles. Temperature rating 80DegC. Various jet positions. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 382g) Streamline Code V-SBH25-M 14" 36cm (weight 463g) Streamline Code V-SBH36-M

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    Streamline Brushes for OVA8 poles. We stock both Version 1 Socket Brushes and the latest swivel socket Brushes. 10" 26cm Brushes have 4 nozzle positions and 14" 36cm have 6 nozzle positions. Order WBV120 for Pencil Jets and WBV122 for Fan Jets. See below for more information.Version 1 brush socket, (the original) shown above. Version 2 brush socket with...

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    The new Streamline Hybrid Brush offers outstanding performance. Fits poles with standard threads. Brush has a 45Deg socket. (Jets not included - see below) Boar's hair inner and polyester outer filaments (bristles) can be used safely on sensitive surfaces (e.g. self-cleaning glass). Soft with great scrubbing power, popular on heavily soiled glass,...

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    Replacement cartridges for Unger Hydropower RO40C (Our Code ROU10) Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge ROCAR  (Our Code ROU11) Membrane ROMEM (one membrane per pack, RO40C has 2 membranes, always change both!) (Our Code ROU12) Resin Di Filter Replacement Cartridge RORES

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    The ULTRALITE ™ modular pole system – probably the lightest poles ever with each section weighing only 200 grams. Modular design allows you to add or remove sections to suit the required working height. The lightness of the pole enables prolonged working time without fatigue, especially when large areas of glass are to be cleaned. Ultralite Carbon Fibre...

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    THE NEW XR70 Series 70% Carbon Streamline XR70 has lateral section clamps for ease of use. The 70% Carbon telescopic sections offer improved stiffness combined with reduced weight. Supplied with a angle adaptor. Brush not included. Suitable for all brushes with standard sockets. Pole Colour: Blue See more information below.

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    The new improved OVA-8 is the latest water fed pole from Streamline. Now with improved clamps and swivel neck. When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided - stiffness, a huge “safety” plus. The Oval design will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one...

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    The latest and best Streamline Trolley System with the acclaimed OVA - 8 Pole. A complete system, ready to go. Simply fill the 25L container with tap water and it's ready to work.  Everything you need to start water fed window cleaning. Illustration may vary from product shown. Contents of these bundle are listed below, see More Info. SPECIAL LOW PRICE...

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