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    WCS Lite 5mm reinforced PVC Pole Hose is a ultra lightweight, premium quality hose with exceptional flexibility for ease of use. It also has superior kink-resistance. (Suggested O Clip WXV601) See Below for more information.  

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    Claber Connector. Maximum practicality, maximum durability. Nylon connector Hoselock Female to 8mm bore hose. Types: Open flow (select open) or with non return valve (select stop)

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    WCS Clear PVC Pole Hose is a lightweight, good quality hose with good flexibility for ease of use. It also has good abrasive resistance and is very economical in cost. (Suggested O Clip WXV600) See Below for more information:  

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    Our reinforced  PVC yellow hose is a high quality hose that has proved a good all-round performer for water fed pole systems. The thicker outer wall gives heavy duty durability for improved resistance to abrasion yet has good flexibility making it easy to use. (Streamline's standard hose may be supplied depending upon stock - see below) See Below for more...

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    The Streamline EcoLine GXTEL Pole range has proved a reliable and economical choice. The range includes 9 different poles, from 4' 1.3m to 38' 11.7m. Please note: Brush not included. See below for more information.  

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    Unger nLite Connect Extension Poles are designed to be added to the Unger nLite Connect Master Pole. Crucially, the Extension Poles don't add anything to the width, grip and feel of the Pole which always measures 35mm in diameter - an optimum size that fits easily into the hands of the professional for quick and comfortable cleaning. See below for more...

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    The Unger Hydo Power Di Filters offer unparalleled efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort.Inspired by our customers and packed with the latest patented design innovations, nLite® HydroPower DI Filters offer a wealth of benefits for professional window cleaners (and everyone who works or cleanswith pure water).• FloWater™ Technology• QuickChange™...

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    Unger Window Cleaning Kit. Everything you need to start cleaning windows with pure water at heights up to 11m 36ft. Just attatch the HydroPower filter to a suitable water supply such as an outside tap and off you go! HydroPower nLite Connect Starter Kit DI12T (Unger Code DIK12 Our Code HYDRO12KIT) HydroPower nLite Connect Advanced Kit DI24W (Unger Code...

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    Due to its compact size and the fact all components are housed within the tank footprint, this product takes up little room even in smaller vans allowing space for other equipment, etc. provided the van's payload allows for the total weight of the system when filled with water. Sizes and additional Information can be found belowPLEASE CALL FOR...

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    The NTECH™ range of poles have proven to be the industry’s number one choice for quality, long-lasting poles, providing stiffness yet remaining lightweight and easy to extend. 100% Carbon Fiber Poles 45ft - 72ft NTECH Poles Includes FREE Aluminium Gooseneck + 30cm 12'' Brush (WBV50)

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    Beat the leaves Kit Complete With:1x Streamvac Gutter Cleaning Vacuum 230V (110V option available) Ultralite Modular Carbon Fibre Poles design to have a 'funnel effect' 7.5mtr Vacline Crushproof Hose with rubber cuffs 1x Lightweight Alumium Gutter Atachment Alumium Gulper & Crevice Tools

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    The new MOBI MIDGET™ mobile reverse osmosis filter, for on demand pure water in hard water areas.Compact stainless steel frame Pre-filtration and final polishing all on board to ensure spot-free cleaning Stainless hozelock-type couplings for long life Handheld TDS meter for accurate water checks 230V mains supply with fitted RCD Plug for protection or...

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