Our popular range of pure water cleaning telescopic and modular poles and brushes can be used for many jobs including window cleaning and solar panel cleaning.

We have a wide range of water fed poles and brushes from Streamline, Unger, Vikan and many more manufacturers. Choose poles from just 1.3m 4' up to 24m 72' in length, with a choice of materials from Aluminium, Fibre Glass and Carbon.

We also have a great choice of well priced brushes many with multiple pencil and fan jet options.

You will also find various spares for your water fed poles and brushes such as pole clamps and base caps.

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    Unger nLite Clamps Complete. See below for more information.Easy One-Handed Operation Colour Coded Logo Tension Screw

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    Strong but lightweight Pole End Cone for water fed poles. Two sizes, for poles with either 22mm (Streamline Code AC2) or 23.5mm (Streamline Code AC9) outside diameters. Cones have internal collars for positive location. Cones are drilled for hose and have standard screw threads. Material: Aluminium

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    Streamline XR Replacement Lateral Clamps for XR70 and XR100 poles. Clamp 1 is the clamp closest clamp to your brush head. Clamp 9 is the 9th countable clamp down from the brush head. XR clamps are marked with the product code, see below:

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    Streamline pole clamps will fit a wide range of poles including; Streamline EcoLine (grey), Streamline Ntech (orange), Streamline EcoLite (red) and Streamline Carbon V2 poles (black). They also fit some of the Unger HiFlo glass fibre poles (green). Supplied complete with clamp sleeve, clamp band, lever, nut and bolt. IMPORTANT: See Below to choose the...

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    Streamline Angle Adapter for waterfed poles with standard screw threads. Allows the brush to be angled to suit the work being done. Sizes : 6"  15cm Arm (AD1-6F) 9"  23cm Arm (AD1-9F) 12" 30cm Arm (AD1-12F)

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    Streamline Brush for XR70 and XR100 Special Spec Poles with Carbon gooseneck (not included). Available in various sizes as a flat brush or narrow brush. Supplied with screws. 26cm brushes can be fitted with up to 4 jets. 36cm brushes can be fitted with up to 6 jets. Jets not included. Flat Brush 54mm wide stock. Narrow Brush 36mm wide stock.

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    Unger HiFlo Oval Brushes are available with soft bristles. These Soft brushes have flagged bristles - the bristles are shredded for gentle cleaning. Ideal for windows, vehicles, cladding and paintwork. Brushes includes two pencil jets, T-piece and connecting hose. Unger Code FTO27 27cm Brush Our Code WBU05 Unger Code FTO40 40cm Brush Our Code WBU06

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    Vikan Hedgehog Brush Head with either soft flagged bristles or stiff bristles covering the entire head. This ensures maximum cleaning access into corners, edges and provides enhanced protection to window sill, frame and surround. Supplied with two pencil jets, hose and Y connector fitted by Streamline. Fits water fed poles with standard screw thread. Size...

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    The Streamline EcoLine GXTEL Pole range has proved a reliable and economical choice. The range includes 9 different poles, from 4' 1.3m to 38' 11.7m. Please note: Brush not included. See below for more information.  

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    Our NEW carbon fibre gooseneck attachments will allow you to reach virtually any surface for cleaning, whilst keeping weight to a bare minimum for easier brush control. Available sizes: 20cm  (Carbon Fibre) NLG20 30cm  (Carbon Fibre) NLG30 150cm (Hybrid) NLG15 

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    Streamline Carbon Fiber (Special Spec) Gooseneck for XR70 and XR100 Poles. Option 1; 20mm Stem (4 Hole). Can be used with Streamline flat brushes. Streamline Code: GN9-20 Option 2: 17mm Stem with bonded clamp. Streamline Code: GN9-17

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    The new EcoLite lightweight glass fibre telescopic pole from Streamline. The innovative locking system allows one hand clamping operation for both left and right handed persons. Brush not included.Glass fibre build. Bonded Threaded Collar. 150mm 6" Angle Adaptor. Ergonomic and reliable pole clamps. Lite-5 pole tubing Can be used with a wide range of...

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