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    WCS Condensed Water is a great way to get extra water when you need it – simply by adding water! For dilution rates and further information please see below:

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    WCS Carpet Grower 5L. Need new carpets? How about growing them using our own Carpet Grower. Just clean the old carpet as normal adding 10ml of Carpet Grower to the solution, then overnight the carpet will start to grow. Warning: adding more than stated dose may result in a far deeper carpet pile than expected. See below.

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    The New WCS Butt-Head provides all the benefits of a conventional hard hat with the convenience of a handy water tank. The Butt-Head holds 8L of water , has easy filling and is fitted with a  needle valve brass tap. Colour: Yellow For more information see below: 

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  • £24.99

    WCS Applicator Trousers are made from the same soft and fluffy microfiber material that the leading Applicator Sleeves are made from. They will keep you warm even during the coldest weather. The elasticated waist and authentic Velcro fly provides both comfort and convenience. Pease note: Not suitable for wet weather.

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  • £35.00

    The "bottomless" WCS Ladder Bag has been developed to hold ladders with an closed length of up to 15metres. Once the ladders are inside the bag, the bag may be placed within the boot of a car. Bag Size: 18"x 18" x 36" High (Ladders not included.) See below for more information.

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    The WCS Micro-Squeegee has been especially designed to clean between the glass panes within double glazed units. Measuring just 3mm long, it is suitable for very small window cleaners.  

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    The WCS PogoPole combines a Carbon telescopic waterfed pole with a Stainless Steel Pogo Stick.  The normal working height is 9.5m 31'. Amature window cleaners can use the Pogo feature to bounce a further 92cm 36"  Trained cleaners have reported bouncing to heights of up to 2.00m 78"

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  • £1,000.00

    WCS 'Nelly' Waterfed Trunk System. Offers a number of advantages over traditional waterfed pole systems: The kids will love it. Flexible reach Up to 23’ 7m Helps grow rhubarb. Never forgets a good customer.

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    Do you find it hard to get up in the mornings...? Getting up to go to work is a thing of the past! Is it a bed? Is it a fully functional Waterfed system? Is it a vehicle? Its only all three! (Water Fed bed can also be safely mounted in your van) Proving 1000L of Purified water complete with 100m Hose, Pump & Controller Buy one now & Receive 2 x...

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