Browse our large range of heavy-duty pressure washers and soft washing systems from Streamline. We have cold and hot water pressure washers with a variety of specifications and configurations, from trolley mounted units to trailer mounted units. The range includes petrol powered Honda pressure washers with GP pumps capable of working to some 200Bar. We also have a well priced selection of tools and accessories for pressure washers. We are happy to help you choose the right machine with the right pressure and flow rate.

The Streamline Soft Wash trolleys are well priced and designed to work with AlgoClear Pro. Plus a range of soft washing chemicals from AlgoClear.

We also have a wide range of pressure washer accessories from Streamline. If you don't find what you are looking for, just call us or send us a email and we will do our best to help you. 

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    Connector 1/4" Plug to 1/4" NPT Male HP-M14M14 for high pressure fittings.

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    A multi-surface cleaner and degreaser that cuts through the heaviest greasy soils without the use of harsh solvents or detergents. Converts tough organic soils into soaps that rinse easily from any surface. 3.8L

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    Streamline Highline Chrome plated insulated Lance. With a choice of single or dual lance options. Rated flow 40 LPM. Both have 1/4" NPT male inlet ends. The single lance has 1/4" NPT Male at the outlet end. The dual lance outlet has a fan jet and quick connect fitting, selected by turning handle. Fits Heavy Duty Guns See 'More Info' below:

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    Specially designed Highline High pressure washers; Nozzles, Couplings, Belts & Gutter Accessories To see more information about the individual products scroll down to the description area below

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    Streamline robust water brooms are great for cleaning flat surfaces. Allowing you to clean large areas in less time it would take using traditional methods. The Broom glides easily across the surface, uniformly cleaning patios, paths, driveways, carparks, garage floors and much more. Max 280Bar. 1/4" NPT female inlet. 30cm 12" 3 Nozzle Broom HP-WB03 40cm...

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    Streamline High Pressure Hose Reels High quality hose reel with solid steel construction. Complete with mounting base, direct hand crank rewind, locking mechanism, full flow brass swivel joint. 3/8" NPT female inlet. Rated to 250Bar Select the size of reel you require below. Lengths based on 3/8" high pressure hose.

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    Streamline High Pressure Brush. Medium duel bristles. Fitted with two fan jets. Rated to 285 Bar. Streamline code: 10" 26cm HP-SBF26-MD 14" 36cm HP-SBF36-MD Select size below:

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    General Pump Glass fibre/Aluminium Telescopic Wand for high pressure cleaning. Available in: 5.2m 17' (3 - Section) 3.3kg Streamline Code HP-18 6.9m 22' (4 - Section) 4.7kg Streamline Code HP-24 See JAS1510 for nozzles. Closed length: 2.1m Rated to 285 Bar.

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    Introducing the Streamline SoftClean Roof and Render Cleaning Equipment. Increase your services portfolio with Streamline SoftClean equipment, designed for roof and render cleaning. Streamline recommend this machine is only used with AlgoClear Pro. AlgoClear Pro, is a high purity quaternary ammonium biocidal detergent designed to decontaminate biological...

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    Flat surface cleaners allow you to clean large areas in a percentage of the time it would take using traditional methods. The cleaner glides easily across the surface, uniformly cleaning pool decks, side walks garag floors and more. The cover is made from heavy-duty ABS material and metal components are made from anodised aluminium and stainless steel.

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    Pressure cleaning tasks up to 4 storeys height can now be achieved using the Giraffe telescopic pole. With a selection of nozzles and attachments (See our Code JAS1510), these poles offer a solution to almost any cleaning at height challenge encountered. Material: Hybrid. Designed to fit most pressure washers, rated to (4000psi) 280Bar. Select pole height...

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    HIGHLINE Pressure WashersGX160 Honda Engine Performance 12LPM 150BAR Direct Drive Interpump (Our code JMS005) GX340 Honda Engine Performance 15LPM 200BAR Geared Interpump (Our Code JMS004) 36" Heavy duty steel chrome lance 10mtr High pressure hose 3mtr Suction hose Chemical Feed inlet with small filter attached Pack of 5x General Pump Assorted Nozzles

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