Using pure water to clean internal windows and glass is a fast and cost effective method that has the minimum amount of disruption for shops and offices.

Choose from either the Streamline Dragonfly system or the Unger Stingray range. We stock a good range of accessories for both systems.

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    Abrasive scrub pad for removing stubborn dirt, ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Reliability sticks to pad holder PHH20 Size: 20cm  

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    Made of extra smooth microfiber. Removes dust, fingerprints and other light dirt from glass. Ideal for every day cleaning. Machine washable up to 200 times For best cleaning results spray with pure deionised water. Velcro backing for attaching to the Padholder APU21. Size: 20cm VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below  

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    Washing pad with thick, 15mm long microfibers, For streak free finish and best cleaning results spray with pure deionised water. Features Velcro backing for attaching to the Padholder. APU21. Machine washable up to 200 times Size: 20cm. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Streamline microfibre mops for the Dragonfly internal cleaning kit. Size 30cm. Please note mops are sold singly. Streamline Code V549121, Our Code JXV40 for Scrub Mop (shown on right) Streamline Code V549120, Our Code JXV41 for Polishing mop (shown on left)

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    Professional Glass Cleaner for Unger Stingray using OS system. Unger code: SRL03 Size: 500ml - Excellent cleaning power for glass, mirrors and other waterproof surfaces. - Easy removal of fingerprints, grease, and other dirt. - Fast and streak-free drying.

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    Removable 150 ml tank for Unger OS Stingray. Unger Code: SRBT1 - Double intake manifold for perfect function at every angle. - Drip-proof due to integrated leakage protection.

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    Unger Adapter (AFAET) fits into any Unger traditional aluminium pole, providing secure fitting of the waterfed pole accessories, such as Pad Holder for indoor cleaning, and angle adaptors and brushes.  

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    Unger Stingray Pads: Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad Unger Code SRPD2 Material: Fibres 90% Polyester, 10% Polymide. Support 100% Polyester Wash cycles: 300

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    Extends the Stingray unit with new Easy-Click-Pole technology – simply add on and click in place to reach greater heights. Choose from the 1.24m or 0.63m extensions.Innovative triangular pole shape facilitates comfortable and reliable grip  Made of light, rigid aluminium  Features Easy-Click mechanism and spray activation button

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    Ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces too. Cleaning windows up to 25% faster and using up to 39% less chemical than conventional sprayer and cloth method, the Stingray is the most efficient indoor cleaning system ever!

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    With the revolutionary Stingray, UNGER offers the most efficient indoor cleaning system of all time, now with a 150 ml refill tank. Avoid using ladders and so reduce risk* 25 % faster glass cleaning** 39 % less chemicals** Ready to use and easy to operate. Ergonomic and safe: no inhalation of spray mist, won‘t cause fatigue. Can be flexibly used with all...

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    The New STREAMLINE DRAGONFLY4 is the perfect answer to internal glass and window cleaning where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height from the ground. Kit contains: Dragonfly Backpack with 1L container, battery and pump. Remote control switch. OVA8 Pole, Pad Holder and 2 Scrub Mops + 2...

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