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    The Streamline SK04 MOBI™ Big Blue 10” filter Kit Includes:GXTEL5200R 17' 5.1m glass fibre pole with 20-metres of Lite-5® hose tubing Vikan Hi-Lo monofilament brush with 2 x pencil jets AHA.H6 Anti-snag aluminium coupler Hose kit to connect filter to mains tap Hose kit to connect pole to filter Handheld TDS meter to measure water quality

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    The most efficient pure water system ever! The Unger HydroPower DI Filters offer both professional and non-professional window cleaners several advantages. The most important benefit is the innovative design which features;FloWater Technology QuickChange Resin Bags and FastLock OpeningThe HydroPower DI filter system is part of the elite  nLite...

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    SK07 Starter Kit with 17' 5.1m Telescopic Pole The new Filterplus® MOBI™ Carry filters, added to the already popular MOBI™ range, increase the options for producing pure water right where you need it. These filters are mounted on a robust metal frame which allows them to be carried to point of use, or fixed to a vertical surface, ie. wall-mounted near a...

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    The Streamline 1000 Litre Intermediate Bulk Container has a metal frame and is mounted on a Plastic pallet.Strong welded tubular steel frame Blow moulded HDPE (in natural translucent colour) with bevelled edges. 50mm Integrated Valve and a 150mm Non Vented Cap. 240V transfer pump rated up to 40LPM 10m hose with fast delivery trigger. Ball valve...

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    DIY Water Fed System 350L one man operation. This Kit includes everything you need to produce pure water. Please note Installation and securing of the tank is not included in this specification or price. Battery not included. Full contents are listed Below.

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    Due to its compact size and the fact all components are housed within the tank footprint, this product takes up little room even in smaller vans allowing space for other equipment, etc. provided the van's payload allows for the total weight of the system when filled with water.

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    SMARTANK™ 400L - 650L SystemSMARTANK™ systems offer low centre of gravity and provides a safe means of water transport The flat tank design with a false floor maximises van load area usage Flow controllers reduce water usage to a bare minimum A SMARTANK™ system presents a professional image to your clients  PLEASE CALL FOR INSTALLATION PRICES

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    IT IS A FACT... ...that hot water cleans better than cold water, so why not improve your cleaning results with a HEATWAVE™ water heater?  The greatest benefit of this superb kit to the cleaning contractor is reduced cleaning times, as hot water cuts through dirt, snail trails, fly spots, spider webs etc. far easier than if using cold water.

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    The new Static-HIFLO-B Water Filtration System for faster, efficient pure water production.Boosted RO System Pre-filtration to extend life of the membrane(s) Break tank to meet local water regulations and facilitate water recycling Robust non-rusting, free standing stainless steel frame, for longevity Control panel with dual float valve system Pressure...

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    Blocked drains and gutters? STREAMVAC is the answer! For use in both commercial and domestic applications, this sturdy built-to-last gutter vacuum will provide you with the solution you are looking for. Tough and reliable, the STREAMVAC is ideal for difficult tasks as well as daily maintenance cleaning. Its superb performance and quality construction...

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    Trailer systems are extremely versatile and allow you to free up the load area in your van or even run your cleaning operation with a car. Options include simple deionising resin filter systems, or mini reverse osmosis filter systems for use in hard water areas. With 13” wheels for ease of towing, lockable ABS lid, gas struts, jockey wheel and tailgate as...

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    When it comes to designing ground breaking solutions for safe and efficient cleaning, Unger is always at the forefront of innovation. Meet our latest development – the HydroPower RO pure water Filter. This compact yet powerful mobile filter is super simple to maintain with fast and easy change of key components - without any tools See more information...

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