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    Unger durable Plastic Endcap TMECP prevents accidental damage to the end of the pole. Features a side aperture for hose to exit when used inside the pole. Fits Master and Extension Poles for Unger.

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    Durable 5mm bore hose for water supply from water filter to the Brush Complete with standard male hoselock connector for water supply  Available Lengths 11m (NL11G), 20m (NL20G), 25m (NL25G)

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    HiFlo™ Control Complete This simple yet ingenius On / Off Switch from Unger allows users to instantly control the flow of water when cleaning with water fed poles. Attach the HiFlo™ Control to the base section of a pole for easy access and water flow adjustment with one swift motion. Save water, time and money - work faster and more efficiently whilst...

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    Streamline Angle Adapter OVA-8 6" V2

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    Vikan Hi Lo Brush with stiff monofilament bristles. Fitted with two 2mm pencil jets, connecting hose and Y connector. Ideal for tough cleans of windows and sills. Streamline Code: J470474-NJ2 Jets Suitable for poles with standard screw thread. Size: 24.5cm Weight: 512g

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    Quality Vikan oval brush with soft flagged bristles. Supplied with two 2mm pencil jets, connecting hose and Y connector Ideal for smaller windows and tight spaces. Streamline Code: J526952-NJ2 Suitable for poles with standard screw thread. Size: 8" 20cm Weight: 416g  

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    Vikan Brush. Oval soft flagged brush, 26cm 10" wide, fitted with two 2mm pencil jets, connecting hoses and Y connector. Suitable for poles with standard screw thread. Streamline code J475552-NJ2 Size: 26cm Weight: 472g  

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    Streamline Hi-Lo Brush. A mono-stock radius Hi-Lo brush with stiff red bristles. Temperature rating 80DegC. Four jet positions. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 345g) Streamline Code V.SBH25-H

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    Unger HiFlo Oval Brushes are available with soft bristles. These Soft brushes have flagged bristles - the bristles are shredded for gentle cleaning. Ideal for windows, vehicles, cladding and paintwork. Brushes includes two pencil jets, T-piece and connecting hose.

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    Streamline flat brush with medium double bristle and 45Deg socket. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 246g) Streamline Code V-SBF26-MD01 14" 36cm (weight 360g) Streamline Code V-SBF36-MD01 VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Streamline Brush Hi-Lo Solar Panel 14" 36cm Yellow.  Streamline code: V-SBH36-Y-001 The new STREAMLINE® brushes incorporate the latest design to easily position the jets to suit the user’s requirements. This brush is able to attach to the STREAMLINE® adjustable goosenecks. The brush is suitable for sensitive surfaces such as solar panels. Don't forget to...

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    The Unger nLite Rectangular Brush range are lightweight and well designed. Each brush comes with two pencil jets, a connector and connecting hose. Additional jets may be fitted. Although designed as part of the Unger nLite range these brushes will fit most standard waterfed poles.

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