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    Two Stainless Steel screws to attach the Unger nLite Brush Socket (nLite070) to brush.

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    Unger HiFlo™ nLite Hose for Jets are designed to fit Unger's HiFlo nLite Brush Range. Jets not included. When additional jets are purchased, additional hose packs are needed to connect to the pole hose. Each pack contains the necessary hose and fitting required for two additional jets.

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    Unger HiFlo Plastic Multilink Adapter with screw adjustment. Robust and simple to adjust. Compatible with all Unger Nlite, HiFlo, Streamline and Vikan brushes, and most water fed poles. (Apart from some Brodex poles).

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    Unger HiFlo™ nLite Fan Jets NLBJF or HiFlo™ nLite Pencil Jets NLBJP fit nLite Brushes Jets can be easily fitted into multiple positions by Unger's twist lock system. Fan jets are designed for hydroPhobic glass. Sold in packs of two. pencil jets are designed for hydroPhilic glass. Sold in packs of two.

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    Unger durable Plastic Endcap TMECP prevents accidental damage to the end of the pole. Features a side aperture for hose to exit when used inside the pole. Fits Master and Extension Poles for Unger.

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    Streamline Nozzle Jet Kit. Weight 120g Fan Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code FJ2-02, Our Code WBV122 Pencil Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code NJ2-02, our Code WBV120

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    Durable 5mm bore hose for water supply from water filter to the Brush Complete with standard male hoselock connector for water supply  Available Lengths 11m (NL11G), 20m (NL20G), 25m (NL25G)

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    HiFlo™ Control Complete This simple yet ingenius On / Off Switch from Unger allows users to instantly control the flow of water when cleaning with water fed poles. Attach the HiFlo™ Control to the base section of a pole for easy access and water flow adjustment with one swift motion. Save water, time and money - work faster and more efficiently whilst...

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    Streamline Angle Adaptor OVA-8 12" German Thread. Allows OVA-8 poles to be used with most brushes. Available in 4 sizes, use the drop down box to select.

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    Streamline Brush. A mono-stock Narrow brush with soft bristles. Brush requires Streamline Nozzle kit WBV120 (Pencil jets) or WBV122 (Fan jets) 10" 26cm (weight 190g) Streamline Code V-SBN26-S01 Our Code WBV110 14" 36cm (weight 244g) Streamline Code V-SBN36-S01 Our Code WBV114  

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    Our NEW carbon fibre gooseneck attachments will allow you to reach virtually any surface for cleaning, whilst keeping weight to a bare minimum for easier brush control. Available sizes: 20cm  (Carbon Fibre) 30cm  (Carbon Fibre) 150cm (Hybrid)

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    The new Streamline Hybrid Brush offers outstanding performance. Fits poles with standard threads. Brush has a 45Deg socket. (Jets not included - see below) Boar's hair inner and polyester outer filaments (bristles) can be used safely on sensitive surfaces (e.g. self-cleaning glass). Soft with great scrubbing power, popular on heavily soiled glass,...

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