Upholstery Detergents and Accessories
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    Super-soft Terry Towels. Ideal for both interior and exterior cleaning. Size: 14" x 15" 35cm x 38cm Colour: White

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    Prochem Leather Conditioner is a finishing treatment for cleaned leather upholstery, which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and helps protect. Size: 500ml See 'More Info' below:

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    The long soft natural Mexican Tampico fibres of this hand brush are perfect for applying shampoo or gently agitating pre-sprays on upholstery fabrics. Size 154mm. Colour: Red stock.

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    The Prochem Leather upholstery cleaner and conditioner is both mild and effective. Size: 1L Trigger Spray See 'More Info' below.

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    A professional acidic rinse agent for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays and stabilising colours. Prevents most colour bleed, yellowing and browning and conditions all natural and synthetic fibres. WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs. Ideal for cotton and natural fibres. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Helps replace natural oils leather loses with age and prolongs the leather's natural beauty. Simple one-step formula for cleaning and conditioning leather upholstery and trim. Cleans, shines, protect and helps to extend the life of leather. Keeps leather clean, soft and supple without any oily residue. Safe on most finished leather and vinyl surfaces RTU...

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    Prochem Sovall Spotter is a high performance volatile dry solvent for general spot cleaning of oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum, oil-based paints and many other solvent soluble stains on carpets and fabrics. Clear solvent with light orange fragrance. Ready-to-use Size: 1L  See 'More Info' below

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    Chemspec Fast Drying Upholsery Shampoo is a high foaming anionic upholstery shampoo. It has been designed for use by hand methods or use in a foam generating machine. Formulated with special quick drying agents to decrease drying time. pH: 7.0 - 8.0 Size: 3.78L Bottle colour may be blue or white

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    Prochem Solvex is effective in removing gloss & emulsion paints, nail polish, varnish and solvent soluble inks on carpets, fabrics & other surfaces. Prochem Solvex will rinse out in water and is non-volatile. Clear solvent with aromatic odour Ready-to-use Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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    The Prochem Bonnet-Buff is a low VOC formula concentrate with anti-soil properties for effective spray cleaning using carpet bonnet pads. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Fabric Restorer is a premium upholstery pre-spray with a high concentrated blend of detergents, low odour solvents and anti-resoil agents for use on grease, hair oil and body contact areas of wet cleanable fabrics. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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