Treatments, Deodorisers and Sanitisers
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    Prochem Oxibrite is an oxidising additive for white, off-white and pastel coloured fibres and fabrics. Dilute 15-30ml per 5L pH 9.5 See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Ink Solv is a new water-based micro-emulsion spotter for nail polish, marker pen ink and PVA adhesive on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces. Clear liquid with mild aromatic odour. Size: 500ml pH 7.5  See 'More Info' below

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    Prochem Urine Neutralizer is a acidic deodorant for neutralising and deodorising urine by direct application and prevents staining. Neutralises odour from urine deposits on contact and prevents staining. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Lemon Refresh is a concentrated fragrance additive and air conditioner which can be added to extraction, shampoo or any general cleaning solution. Clear liquid with fresh lemon fragrance. Size: 1L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser is a powerful, safe and pleasantly perfumed deodoriser formulated to destroy unpleasant odours in carpets. Can be diluted with water and pre-sprayed onto carpet or added to extraction or shampoo cleaning solutions.  Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Special formula for treating jute browning, coffee stains and large areas of water damage staining on carpets. Contains anti-browning and anti-yellowing agents. Dilute with water and apply by sprayer or add to B105 Fibre Shampoo for rotary brush application, then extract with water. pH 2.5 Size 5L See 'More Info' below

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    WCS Carpet Grower 5L. Need new carpets? How about growing them using our own Carpet Grower. Just clean the old carpet as normal adding 10ml of Carpet Grower to the solution, then overnight the carpet will start to grow. Warning: adding more than stated dose may result in a far deeper carpet pile than expected. See below.

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    Prochem B162 Fibrebuff is an acidic based powder additive for professional industrial use, to clean water damage, jute browning and tea and coffee stains from carpets.  For use in conjunction with Prochem B151 Oxibrite and Prochem B105 Fibre Shampoo. Size: 1Kg pH 4.5 See 'More Info' below  

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    Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover. New 5L Size. Removes or reduces browning due to over-wetting and bleeding through the jute backing. Use safely on upholstery as well as carpet. An application of Browning Treatment will reduce the intensity of animal stains or in some cases, remove them completely and removes stubborn coffee and tea stains. pH...

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    Prochem Shockaway  is an  anti-static treatment for carpets and other surfaces where static electricity build-up is a problem. Shockaway leaves a non-sticky coating which conducts the electrical charge away from the fibre surface. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Odour Fresh, B124 is made to a professional formula of high quality deodorisers which can be added to any carpet, fabric or general cleaning solution. Clear liquid with floral fragrance. Dilution 1 to 100 pH 7.5 Unit 5L See 'More Info' below

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    Prochem Ultrapac Renovate. Solvent Free Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner Special prespray product for the removal of dry soot carbon fire residues filtration soils and draught marks on carpets fabrics and other surfaces. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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