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    Super-soft Terry Towel cloth. Ideal for both interior and exterior cleaning. Size: 14" x 15" 35cm x 38cm Colour: White

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    Prochem Coffee Stain Remover 1L with Trigger A special formulation for the safe straight forward removal of coffee and other tanin stains in carpets and most fabrics. pH 2.5 Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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    Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter is effective on most food and drink stains.Approved by the 'Woolsafe' organisation for use on wool and wool-mix carpets & fabrics. Ready-to-Use clear liquid with floral fragrance. Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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    A neutral pH cleaner for removing a wide variety of spots and stains on carpets. Contains polymer encapsulation technology to prevent sticky residues. Biodegradable, phosphate free and with low VOC volatile organic compounds. Woolsafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs. Natural lemongrass and herbal fragrance. Ready-to-use pH 7.5 Size:...

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    Water based spot remover fortified with Biosolv, effective on oil and water based stains such as blood, soft drinks, light grease, oil, tar, coffee, tea, copier toner, spills, dirt, grime and more. Formulated after 26 years of research and development to be a highly effective multi fibre carpet spotter. Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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    Prochem Rust Remover is an acidic gel effective in the removal of rust stains. May be used when carpet cleaning or fabrics. pH 2.5 Size:1L See 'More Info' below

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    Prochem B162 Fibrebuff is an acidic based powder additive for professional industrial use, to clean water damage, jute browning and tea and coffee stains from carpets.  For use in conjunction with Prochem B151 Oxibrite and Prochem B105 Fibre Shampoo. Size: 1Kg pH 4.5 See 'More Info' below  

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    Red X It is a highly effective synthetic dye stain remover. Excellent stain remover for synthetic dyes found in flavoured drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks, and more. Not recommended for use on natural fibres. pH 5-6 See 'More Info; below

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    Chemspec Stain Exit is a powerful stain removal chemical. Stain Exit offers easy and highly effective removal of organic stains from wine, fruit juices, tea, coffee and more without the need for heat. Stain Exit - your go-to organic stain remover! pH 3 - 4 Bottle colour may be white or blue Please see 'More Info' below

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    Prochem Stain Pro is one of the best and most popular spot and stain chemicals available. This alkaline protein spotter works well on blood, vomit, fresh tea and coffee and most food based stains. pH 10.5 Size: 5L See 'More Info' below

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    Developed exclusively to reomve red food colourings, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains from carpets and fabrics. Effective with wet towel and hot iron method as directed on label. Straw liquid with lemon fragrance. Size: 1L pH 8.5 See 'More Info' below.

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    A citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpet and fabrics. Citrus Gel is formulated to work on the fibre surface avoiding problems to latex backings which may occur with other citrus based solvents. White gel with citrus fragrance. Size: 1L See 'More Info' below

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