Carpet Pre-Sprays and Rinses
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    Prochem MuliPro is a top quality general purpose pre-spotter and traffic lane pre-spray for carpets. Excellent for traffic lanes and greasy areas. Size: 5L See 'More Info' Below

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    A professional acidic rinse agent for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays and stabilising colours. Prevents most colour bleed, yellowing and browning and conditions all natural and synthetic fibres. WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs. Ideal for cotton and natural fibres. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Trafficlean is an effective high performance traffic lane pre-spray and spot treatment for  greasy and badly soiled carpets. Can be used as a booster to extraction machine solutions. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Prochem Ultrapac Renovate. Solvent Free Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner Special prespray product for the removal of dry soot carbon fire residues filtration soils and draught marks on carpets fabrics and other surfaces. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below:

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    Gentle but effective ‘Woolsafe’ approved traffic lane cleaner designed for those heavy traffic areas. Suitable for all wet cleanable carpet fibres. For use with One Clean Powder or Liquid detergent. pH: 9.0 - 10.0 Bottle colour may be blue or whiteFragrance: Citrus VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Rinse. Biodegradable carpet and upholstery cleaning product that cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry. Safe for use on wool and stain-resist carpeting. Size: 3.78L pH 9.5 See 'More info' below VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Chemspec Fission is a powerful traffic lane pre-spray with a unique Soil Separation Technology that detaches bound soils from fibres, then suspends and removes them from even the heaviest traffic areas. Powers through grease, oil and soils efficiently.Size:3.8 LChemspec Code: FTLC4G RTU pH: 11.97(Bottle colour may be blue)  See 'More info' below 

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    A highly concentrated encapsulation cleaner designed for interim carpet maintenance cleaning. Formulated with a specialised soil retardant that dramatically reduces the surface energy of the fibers and lowers the ability for soils to bond with fibers after cleaning. For use with rotary brush and bonnet buffing machines. RTU pH 8.6 Bottle colour may be...

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    The worlds best selling carpet cleaning detergent. Economical powder for truck and portable spray extraction machines. Low foam. Size: 2.72kg pH 10 - 11 See 'More Info' below VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    A high concentrate professional strength pre-spray cleaner for wool and other pH sensitive wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstrey fabrics. Woolsafe Approved. Size: 5L See 'More Info' below

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    A safe and cost effective carpet cleaner and pre-spray. Certified EcoLogo. Contains no detergents, perfumes, surfactants, phosphates or VOC's. This product replaces DFC210. pH 9.5 Powder 3.6Kg VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Chemspec Enz-All contains powerful enzymes designed to loosen and dissolve the toughest grease, oils, and protein soils and stains. Enz-All is the performance leader in removing protein and greasy soils as well as blood, food, coffee and urine stains. Superior results in homes, food service areas and health care environments. pH: 11.5 - 12.5 Size 2.7Kg...

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