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    The black Unger NYPLO Pouch is made of durable, water-resistant nylon. As well as a large open pocket the pouch has a smaller pocket with a flap and Velcro fastening.  A heavy-duty loop acts as a holster which allows squeegees and washers to be held by the pouch as well. Plus the Unger BSOAB Belt made of strong, 50mm wide webbing with quick release...

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    Our Georgian style window cleaning kit is perfect for those smaller windows. Each kit contains: Unger 6" 15cm Stainless Steel Channel and Rubber Unger Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle with Rubber Grip Unger 6" 15cm Monsoon Sleeve Unger Aluminium T Bar with Plastic Grip

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    The Unger Window Cleaning Kit (KWU02) is suitable for the home and office. See below for contents of kit.

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    Moerman Lightning Kit - Save time save money! HSM05 Moerman Excelerator Handle 23525 CAM10 Moerman Channel Liquidator 2.0 14" 35cm 23217 ASM02 Moerman Sleeve Microfiber 14" 35cm 17761 ATM02 Moerman T Bar Bi-Component 14" 35cm 17781 BBM01 Moerman Bucket on Belt 17833

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    Unger's Ninja range is their most sophisticated premium range. Packed with features to help you achieve outstanding results with minimum effort. High quality materials for each component have been carefully selected to ensure the best performance. See below for contents:

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    Ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces too. Cleaning windows up to 25% faster and using up to 39% less chemical than conventional sprayer and cloth method, the Stingray is the most efficient indoor cleaning system ever!

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    Top of the range Complete Glass Cleaning Set from Unger.Comprehensive selection of ErgoTec® Tools in Solid Nylon Case. See below for contents.

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    With the Liquidator Squeegee Moerman say you can "Reduces time & Increases money". With the inovative design you will not be dissapointed. These tools are about durability, design, performance, ergonomics and quality materials. See below for contents.  

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    Moerman Excelerator Kit (KWM02). For fast window cleaning. HSM05 Moerman Excelerator Handle 23525 CAM10 Moerman Channel Liquidator 2.0 14" 35cm 23217 ASM20 Moerman Sleeve FLIQ 35cm 14" 23522 BEM01 Moerman Belt with Loops 17834 BBM01 Moerman Bucket on Belt 17833 PTM02 Moerman Telescopic Pole 4-Section 5m 17825

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    Complete kit with everything you need to be a professional, Inclusive items listed in the description below:

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    Dirty Solar Panels can lose up to 50% of their efficiency. The Solar Panel Cleaning Kit is designed to keep your solar panels working at optimum performance. Simply wash off dust and grime using tap water fed through the pole to the Solar Panel Brush. Brush Bristles Come in Yellow.

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    The New Mobi Wall Bracket Kit  offers the following advantages:- Easy to carry due to its comfortable swivelling metal carry handle The same handle can be used as a wall bracket Stop connector on female coupler saves pure water when disconnected Resin changes can still be performed easily. See more information below.

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