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    Streamline Streamflow Diaphragm Kit (Streamline Code SF-DK34-016-100) for Streamline Streamflo Pump, our code WXS901.

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    Shurflo Pressure Switch Kit for 80-100psi 12V pumps. Shurflo Part 94-375-18

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    Streamline Streamflo Pump is a high quality self priming diaphragm pump that can run dry for short periods of time without damage. This pump only draws up to 4 amps so batteries will last longer compared to other pumps that require 7 amps or more. Max Pressure: 100psi Open Flow: 4.5LPM Voltage: 12V DC Streamline Code: SF-DP22-012-100-238 Port Size: 3/8"...

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    SHURflo Diaphram Pump. Model 8000-946-138. A popular choice for window cleaners using water fed systems. Model 8000-942-138 may be supplied instead. There is no difference in performance. Pressure: 100PSI. Open Flow: 5 LPM Supply: 12v DC Connections: 1/2" NPT Male. We recommend the pump be used with a Varistream or Spring Controller. Please see 'More...

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    SHURflo Diaphram Pump. Model 8000-946-238 Pressure: 100PSI. Open Flow: 5 Litre/Minute Supply: 12v DC Connections: 3/8" NPT Female Suitable for single or double pole operation. We recommend use with Varistream Auto Compensating Pump Controller, Our Code WXV01 See 'More Info' below:

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    The Spring V11 digital pump controller is a great bit of kit. It does all the technical stuff you would expect including: Accurate pump flow control, dead end detection and restarting, and battery voltage display. Choose from the Basic controller or the Split Charger controller using the option box below. Unit comes with all the necessary wires, parts and...

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    Streamline Streamflo Kit contains: 1 Streamline Streamflo Pump 100psi (Our code WXS901) 1 Spring Controller, complete with wiring and instructions. (Our Code VPS03) 1 Shurflo Strainer (Our Code WXW09) 2 Connectors (Our Code WXV106) 2 Shurflo Elbows with 1/2" hose tails (Our Code WXV105)

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    Kit contains: 1 x Shurflo Pump 8000 100psi 5L/Min Male Ports 8000-946-138 (Our Code WXW11) 1 x Spring Pump Controller Digital 12V DC Unit including instructions & Wiring (Our Code VPS03) 1 x Shurflo Strainer 1/2"NPT Male to 1/2"NPT Swivel Female (Our Code WXW09) 2 x Shurflo Fitting Elbow 1/2" NPTF to 1/2" Hose Nylon (Our Code WXV105)

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    Streamline StreamBoard is a board mounted Shurflo 100psi Pump plus inlet strainer and 1/2" inlet and outlet hose tails. The digital flow controller allows you to control the pump flow, it also provides useful diagnostic information. (Battery not supplied) Streamline Code SB100-SFC5 

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    Remote control fob the WFP Link Kit. Using the latest technology to link your pump controller not only to your fob but also to your mobile phone, it provides long range radio control of your system, even with buildings in the way. This kit includes the Spring Controller (V11) and the Remote controller Fob. Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse...

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    Streamline StreamBox Mini makes building a system simple. The tough plastic box comes with a 100psi pump kit, flow controller, battery and charger. The male hoselock connections make for easy and quick water connection. Streamline Code SB100-26V-BC

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    Streamline Booster Pump. Designed to provide sufficient water for Reverse Osmosis Systems to work efficiently. Streamline Code  RO System                Delivery BP-0200             300gpd Booster Pump 200L per hour BP-0400             600gpd Booster Pump 400L per hour* BP-0600             600gpd Booster Pump 600L per hour * Popular choice for 600gpd RO...

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