Search our range of traditional window cleaning telescopic poles and pole accessories to help you to reach those difficult areas to clean. We stock leading brands such as Unger, Ettore and Moerman. Choose from our wide selection of high quality telescopic poles for traditional window cleaning, high level maintenance and high level dusting. Plus you can choose from a comprehensive range of accessories and tools.

Tip: Choose the same make of accessories and telescopic pole. (Some accessories will fit other makes of pole, please check the individual product for more information).

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    Moerman NXT-R use with the Liquidator Channels.Excellent performance and durability Perfect glide All-season rubber for top performances Excellent grip on all kind of windows Unique turquoise colour Each rubber inspected manually 

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    2 Piece Unger Locking Collar V1 for Optiloc poles. 25mm Section 2 Unger Code VS250 29mm Section 3 Unger Code VS300

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    Don't throw that old pole away. Fit the new Ettore Collars for Reach Poles and extend the life of your pole and save yourself some money. Contains outer Collar and Insert. Ettore Code 1908 (Small) for Section 2 Ettore Code 1910 (Large) for Section 3 Ettore Code 1950 (X-Large) for Section 4

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    Unger Angle Joint helps access hard to reach places. It is available in two versions: Sturdy Zinc (Unger Code CJA00) or lightweight Nylon (Unger Code CJN00). Fits all Unger traditional poles: TelePlus, OptiLoc and UniTec telescopic pole ranges.

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    The Unger UniTec 2-Section telescopic pole has twist locking with either left or right twists. A good quality telescopic pole for light use. Removable cone.

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    Moerman Telescopic Extension Poles are strong and lightweight. •Tapered Cone with Acme thread. Fits Moerman squeegees, applicators, dusters and scrapers. •Secure locking mechanism • Ergonomic, soft-touch handle with anti-slip material that gives secure grip, even when wet.

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    Moerman engineers are driven to perfection by building the highest performance window cleaning tools. We are proud to introduce the Combinator 2.0, one of the flagships of the entire Moerman range. Ideal to be used with poles and specially designed to be used with Moerman Poles. Spares available.

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    Unger OptiLoc 2 section pole is well made and comes fitted with the Ergotec locking cone. Extended Length 1.25m 4'  EZ120 Extended Length  2.5m  8'  EZ250 Extended Length  3.0m 10' EZ300 Extended Length  4.0m 13' EZ400 Extended Length  5.0m 16' EZ500 Extended Length  6.0m 20' EZ600

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    Unger OptiLoc 3 section pole is well made and comes fitted with the Ergotec locking cone. Extended Length 1.85m 6'  ED180 Extended Length  3.75m  12'  ED370 Extended Length  4.50m 14' ED450 Extended Length  6.00m 20' ED600 Extended Length  7.50m 24' ED750 Extended Length  9.00m 30' ED900

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    The Ettore 3-section anodised aluminium REACH pole is a high quality telescopic pole that has proved very popular over the years.

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    Unger TelePlus System. Extendable Telescopic Pole up to and including 5 Sections. Extention sections are simple and easy to attach. Maximum Pole length 10m 33' plus body height. Now with Ergotec safety cone. See below for more information Our Code Sections Extended Length  Unger Code PTU22 2 13' 4m   TZ400 PTU23 3 20' 6m TD600 PTU24 4 26'...

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    New from Ettore a range of REACH 4-section traditional telescopic poles. These new poles are compact, stronger more durable than most other poles and come with removable end cones. These poles come with the latest collar mechanism for quick and positive height adjustment. Colour: Gold/black (Pole image may vary from actual pole)

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